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  1. Verna

    Sci-Fi What Genre Is Frankenstein?

    While Frankenstein is a horror story, Mary Shelly is considered to be the mother of science fiction by literary experts. If you want to put it in the horror / sci-fi label that would be accurate, by it's definitely sci-fi too.
  2. Verna

    Rocket Babe Series Kindle Sale!

    Cyber Week Kindle Sale! From now through midnight Nov. 30th, in the U.S. & U.K. you can get all 4 Rocket Babe books from Amazon on Kindle for only $2.99 each! That's all 4 books for only $11.96 and you can have them in just a few minutes! If you don't have a Kindle you can still download...
  3. Verna

    What games are you currently playing?

    Original Zelda. :LOL:
  4. Verna

    Foodies Instant Pot - Pressure cooker, crockpot, slow cooker, steam cooker...

    Looks interesting! I haven't heard much about it.
  5. Verna

    Advertising at Alien Soup - October, 2018

    I was coming here well before we had a sci-fi series and I for one am glad you don't allow ads. I've been on many forums over the years and left almost as many, because the sites went almost totally commercial. One was so bad every post on every thread had some kind of ad on it. One page of...
  6. Verna

    Hello From SE WI!

    Always good to have new members! Welcome!
  7. Verna

    Sci-Fi Colossus: The Forbin Project (1975)

    Braedon has been around a long time and been on so many shows I can't remember them all. He began acting in 1961 and continues to this day. To me he usually played the likable bad guy.
  8. Verna

    Sci-Fi Colossus: The Forbin Project (1975)

    I remember this movie from the original broadcast but haven't seen it since. As for Eric Braedon the last time I saw him Hawk had just blown him out of the sky in Airwolf.
  9. Verna

    Sci-Fi Devil Girl from Mars (1954 England)

    We love classic sci-fi of the 50's & 60's. I love her outfit and the ship! :cool::cool::cool:
  10. Verna

    Foodies The "Those of us trying to lose weight" thread.... โ˜บ๏ธ

    In the Rocket Babe universe it's not a matter of you, losing weight. It's about weight, losing you. ;)
  11. Verna

    Just saw this near my home town area. Does anyone know what this could depict? It seems like a dried up swamp but I assure you there are no rivers her

    Hard to say without something to use for scale. The brown patch with all the lanes looks like the beginning of a new subdivision to me, streets ready for paving maybe.. Not sure about the rest.
  12. Verna

    FBI suddenly evacuates space observatory and refuses to say why sending conspiracy theorists into a frenzy

    I thought of that one too but didn't want to be selfish and use all of the better known examples. Kurtzweil: "What is it this time? Kiddie porn?" Cigarette Smoking Man: There are complications. (he looks at the surveillance video and WMM looks as well) Mulder saw one of the infected bodies...
  13. Verna

    FBI suddenly evacuates space observatory and refuses to say why sending conspiracy theorists into a frenzy

    A "security issue?โ€ My first thoughts were of, Howard the duck where the aliens were using some kind of beam to invade. It's been a while since I've seen it but that's the general idea. Then I thought, "There's been an incident on Praxis" but that won't happen for a couple hundred years yet...
  14. Verna

    Post your pets!

    One of our neighbors thought we had giant squirrels. Actually a groundhog's closest cousin IS a squirrel but groundhogs are infinitely more intelligent. After 5 years of feeding them there are now 14 of them within 100 yards of the house but we're out in the boonies where they are not bothering...
  15. Verna

    Sci-Fi Babylon 6 First Step to the Stars

    Where have you been? Has Q been chasing you?
  16. Verna

    Fantasy Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

    Great article! Thanks Kevin!
  17. Verna

    Aliens NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin Says He Saw An ‘Organic, Alien-Like’ Thing In Space

    There were several on Star Trek. Wonder which one he saw? :eek:
  18. Verna

    Fantasy Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

    James Hong has been in EVERYTHING! (y)
  19. Verna

    Do games cause violent behavior?

    In people or kids who are aggressive to begin with I believe constant exposure to violent media and games can cause some to act out. I don't think it is hard to link a corresponding rise in violent crime to an increase in violent games/media over the last 30 years. It's easier to see if you...
  20. Verna

    Fantasy Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

    Awesome! That is one of my favorite movies and has several of my favorite characters in it. She'll love it! Kim Catttrall is great no matter what she's in. I've been watching James Hong literally ALL my life. His career began in 1954 and he is still acting. Over the last 64 years he's...
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