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    Season 5 Is Vaughn ....?

    I had a very BIG surprise when i saw episod 1. I could not believe it. I've hoped that season 5 will bring them closer together... a baby,getting married... maybe new characters, new partners to take the extra risc. But no... as usual other things happened. I have a question: this show for who...
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck III

    READ THE THREAD RULES! Congrats 4 the baby Jen, i know this child will bring joy to your life. :D
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    Walk a mile in each other's shoes

    I do not know how you came up with the ideea for this story, but is great. I hardly can wait to reed the update. Make it soon, pls. :cool:
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    This is great:D Update soon!!! I love it!
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    One Night Love Affair

    I was a great story. I loved it! :D
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