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    Sci-Fi Alien Encounters: Humans Technologically Advanced

    I am writing a novel on this theme but say 2050s era not too far advanced. Your requirements are a bit confusing e.g.: why are you asking when clearly you are experienced enough I would say to answer yourself? "But For The Grace of God Go I" What do you mean by this? My novel is an arrival...
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    Sci-Fi Want a definition of these where they coexist.

    Good points. I was thinking worst case scenarios hence 'subversive'. I would like to know how sentience may arise. It has nothing to do with some 'groundbraking development' in a computing environment. It seems everyone thinks as computing systems develop some awareness will 'appear'. Any...
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    Sci-Fi Want a definition of these where they coexist.

    Define 'Human Capacity.' How can something 'Saturate the internet?' The internet and it's attached machines is too diverse and too proprietory for one thing to subvert it. To me it makes sense for it not to do what you suggest. State why an AI will work out it wants to be subversive when it was...
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    Sci-Fi Want a definition of these where they coexist.

    I don't think the world has had a singularity so Humans only have a (paranoid) theory about what will happen. John von Neumann was quoted as saying that "the ever accelerating progress of technology ... gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race...
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    Sci-Fi Want a definition of these where they coexist.

    Nice to see the debate continuing. I have just read a book 'The AI Delusion' (ISBN 978-0-19-882430-5) where our chances of getting Empathy from AI (the term itself was challenged) about zilch as we don't actually know how Humans think. Listening to all the hopeful vids on having real AI in 20 to...
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    Sci-Fi Doctor Who (BBC)

    Doesn't make sense to me. Just Silly.
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    Sci-Fi Describe Something SciFi

    The AG you describe is perhaps a step on the way to full AG control (-ve and +ve). I my novel advanced battery tech and subatomic manipulation thieves this. For the matter conversion you have to rearrange protons, neutrons and electrons (decay process) so just store the materials raw that are...
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    Robby you really need to update your picture. Androids are the order of the day not ancient...

    Robby you really need to update your picture. Androids are the order of the day not ancient metal clad monsters!
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    Foodies The "Those of us trying to lose weight" thread.... โ˜บ๏ธ

    Too much scientific analysis will confuse. To loose weight first reduce drastically sweet things of all types, choc bars, cakes, puddings. None of them have any nutritional value and each one is probably 15% of your max daily input of calories AND over on sugar. One slice of wholemeal bread max...
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    Sci-Fi Want a definition of these where they coexist.

    Tom, 'old friend', some of your points are new to me and need some study. I am realising how bloody complicated it is writing a novel and designing the threads and holding them together. Whilst I have a chapter notes document giving points of interest and highlights and a structure diagram, I do...
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    Sci-Fi Want a definition of these where they coexist.

    Tom, absolutely right. My alien community is pretty benign and I have to create an Android who is a crew Captain to protect them and the Human clone I have created. The Human personality overlay has created some querky behaviour and a bit of dry humour. The problem is not to reveal her advanced...
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    Sci-Fi Want a definition of these where they coexist.

    Sorry for late reply. Been busy with health. Yes, writing a novel for retirement hobby (net publish! just a few readers in family). Android to answer your query they use colloquial due to the alien creators allowing for another alien environment where they might be used. So, when they are...
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    Sci-Fi Classic Sci-fi

    Isn't all that classic stuff just a bit boring? Written for the science of the day. Got to keep up to date!
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    Fantasy Planning on writing a story about a pianist

    It makes me realise that when we write we build our own fantasies into the story. To what extent do we reveal ourselves, good and bad? I ask myself.
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    ‘Sex with an alien was the most pleasure I ever had’ ET lover reveals in new book

    You can't create super beings out of Humans as there is nothing super about them. From this post I see that Aliens and Humans deserve each other!
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    FBI suddenly evacuates space observatory and refuses to say why sending conspiracy theorists into a frenzy

    Oh look! There's a strange object orbiting the Sun. Quick! Tell the FBI and they'll shut us down!
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    Space Hubble Telescope News

    Frankly I'm fed up with hearing on the News " discover the secrets of the origin of the Universe...". Why do we continually bang on about it? Let's stay closer to home and get something concrete done.
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    Aliens UFO hovering over North Carolina freaks out the internet

    Only intelligent things can be freaked! Clean your lens!
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    Sci-Fi Aliens Vs Predators

    They are both Aliens and both predators. It should be titled 'Aliens v Aliens'. Can you imagine a story so far away from sensible Sc-Fi? It's as crass as the 1950s things at the bottom of the lake!
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    Religion The Book of Revelations

    I think the visions were put in his mind by guess who and then asked to record it as a message to later generations (The Revelations). It depicts the days before and during the return of Christ the saviourโ€“I guess someone will have to do it!) from current day chaos man has got himself into to...
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