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  1. almostvoid

    Sci-Fi 12 Monkeys - the series

    As my TV blew up I watch dvd's and 12 Monkeys the series promised to go beyond the original movie in so many promising ways. There were great plot lines criss crossing each other or falling apart. Never boring and never maudlin in the suburban soap sense. The characters were individuals and not...
  2. almostvoid

    Books Microsoft closes their e-Books store, removes access to already purchased books

    They also pulled the plug on my working words for windows 7 pro which needed a second code verified by them for their product only for the computer voice on the phone saying: we no longer support this product. Great. It was working. But they refuse to allow it to work. This is like the old...
  3. almostvoid

    Sci-Fi 2019 Sci fi web series ACCIDENT EP9 first post here hope you guys like it!

    hahahaa brilliant!!! years ago in another millennuim there was a TV series [can't find it] that was similar with short clips made up of all sorts of 'things' called Liquid TV. There was a soapie that used bars of soap!
  4. almostvoid

    What are you watching right now?

    just finished 12 Monkeys the series---the ending---totally wasted the whole series apart from the fact the original was never intended to be like this
  5. almostvoid

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Otto's Daughter: Todestanz
  6. almostvoid

    Rusted Sailor

    screenersam--sadly the series ended--however there were spin-offs from the director-- Appleseed -this began it all--
  7. almostvoid

    music from my vault: Amon Duul II

    the longer intro song -not this- this is the 'hit' part of the LP - has still not been surpassed. A decade prior new wave.
  8. almostvoid

    I've been eating an orange banana and apple a day. no colds ever.

    I've been eating an orange banana and apple a day. no colds ever.
  9. almostvoid

    calories are good. it is what comes with it often that is not. nature gave us a quick reference...

    calories are good. it is what comes with it often that is not. nature gave us a quick reference guide: our tongue. if it tastes good -unprocessed that is- it is good. if in doubt - go for cultural-ethnic cooking - italian, lebanese. indian, south east asian, sea food, salads, fruit, and walk
  10. almostvoid

    Fantasy Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

    your opinions here are valued. I was going to watch it being a fan of Ghost-in-the-Shell, the Japanese version, series and all the movies. Then Appleseed and the follow on but since then nothing much. This movie is I think overhyped in the media -not here! critical criticism is valued.
  11. almostvoid

    Rusted Sailor

    rippa --- not old fashioned --- the future is insane. too much sci-fi is merely westerns in space as our lecturer in science-fiction and society [sociology] informed us before star-wreck-franchise made it worse. So your plot plan madness sounds great. I like the no humans. Because we share the...
  12. almostvoid

    From a nightmare fuel place from the internet...

    music is also my obsession. mainly indie women bands. goth from ten years ago will never die- well it can't- they're goths! just listening to a japanese band: 10 spyglasses - psydoll the sound is a bit crappy ---the cd's much better!!! anyway welcome tell us what you LIKE
  13. almostvoid

    Budgie's Intro

    Welcome. Sci-fi. I love it within reason - more like un-reason even more. Just finished: Richard Morgan: Woken Furies. More war and action and mayhem in delusional desperation by demented power corrupted corporations and duplicitous government stretching across planets and time spans where...
  14. almostvoid

    Comedy From the only in Australia files

    good thinking agent 99. an amazing dash though.
  15. almostvoid

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    bought the cd from this band. I focus on women singer creative types. they are more diverse in my humble opionion
  16. almostvoid

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    EndZeit BunkerTracks [ACT VIII] - Disc 1 Aengeldust - f*cking day [compilation]
  17. almostvoid

    Sci-Fi Blade Runner (1982) & Blade Runner: 2049 (2017)

    Dick's sheep story was so different. I am glad what the director created. So original in so many ways. 2049 was a fail. Too suburban in scope. Looked good and that was about it
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