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  1. BudBrewster

    Forbidden Planet paintings and drawings

    I don't know why some of the jpegs above have stopped working, and I no longer have a edit button on that post so I can fix it. Here are first two missing ones and the two at the bottom (combined into one). Perhaps a site admin can use these url's to fix the post. I'll add the missing jpeg...
  2. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi The Space Children (1958)

    ____ If I had to name one movie that was especially influential in making me a science fiction fan, this is the one. I was ten years old when I went to a drive-in with my family to see a double feature โ€” The Colossus of New York and The Space Children. Both movies rocked my world. The...
  3. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi The Colossus of New York (1958)

    Ignore any unfavorable reviews you might read about this unheralded gem. I saw it in 1958 as the first feature at a drive-in, and I shouldn't have bothered to wear socks that night โ€” because this movie just knocked 'em off anyway. :D Ross Martin plays a renowned scientist and humanitarian with...
  4. BudBrewster

    Project Blue Book (2019 History Channel)

    As shown in the images I posted from Earth vs the Flying Saucers, rear view mirrors in the 1950s where attached to the upper edge of the windshield. The glued-to-the-glass kind we have today came later. We probably got the idea from the crashed saucer in Roswell! :cool:
  5. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi The Thing (2011)

    ___________________ IMDB has 33 trivia items for this movie. Hereโ€™s a few of the ones I found the most interesting, in the blue text. ________________________________ The filmmakers used Kurt Russell height as an estimate as to how big the sets would have to be to faithfully recreate the...
  6. BudBrewster

    Project Blue Book (2019 History Channel)

    The trailers for the History Channel's upcoming ten-episode series Project Blue Book isn't called a documentary, which is understandable because the trailer makes it look like a stunning new sci-fi movie about an invasion in the 1950s! Watch the trailer and you'll see what I mean. _________...
  7. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi Devil Girl from Mars (1954 England)

    An odd little cinematic gift from England โ€” but don't take it too seriously. The story is set in an isolated English inn where a flying saucer lands and surrounds the area in an invisible force field. From the spacecraft emerges a fifteen-foot-tall robot and an evil Martian woman who announces...
  8. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi The Island at the Top of the World (1974)

    It might been available for streaming when I saw it, but they do change the ones on the steraming list from time to time.
  9. BudBrewster

    Greetings from Bud Brewster - your oldest "new member"!

    That's exciting news about the podcasts. Good luck with that.! I hope that my efforts to promote Alien Soup will result in a noticeable boost in activity. This boards is one of the most well organized and info-rich on the web. :D By the way, could you please fix my embarrassing typo in the...
  10. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

    Ray Harryhausen's eleventh film is yet another monster-filled adventure. In this one, Richard Carlson ("It Came from Outer Space") is the manager of a traveling rodeo, working the circuit south of the border. His star attraction is Gila Golan ("In Like Flint") with her Italian accent covered...
  11. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi When Worlds Collide (1951)

    Oh heck, thanks Kolchak! I can't edit it. It's too old to have an edit button anymore. Which site admin could fix the title of the thread for me?
  12. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi When Worlds Collide (1951)

    __________________________________ It took me three days of intense work on the scans of the When Worlds Collide comic to completely restore them, but I enjoyed every minute of it! Click on each page here to see a large, version you can zoom in on. Click on the large version...
  13. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi Passengers (2016)

    In some ways this movie's plot resembles the extremely sexy EC comic shown below! (But with a more upbeat story.) Click on the image and you can read the whole comic. Scroll down to the 5th post, which has the jpeg above, followed by the rest of the story.
  14. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi Life (2017)

    I finally saw this one recently, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. The alien's design was very original. It was exciting and scary. The weightless effects were flawless. The characters were likable and worked together, something I always enjoying seeing in movies with tense situations and...
  15. BudBrewster

    Greetings from Bud Brewster - your oldest "new member"!

    Just to update this thread a little, All Sci-Fi moved to a new server and acquired a new domain name back in January 2018, so here's the link to the board now. All Sci-Fi And check out the enthusiastic promotional thread I posted recently to tell the folks at All Sci-Fi about this terrific...
  16. BudBrewster

    All Sci-Fi is enthusiastically promoting Alien Soup!

    It's a sad fact that message boards are dwindling on the web, and the ones that are left need to help each other out by making science fiction fans aware of fine boards like Alien Soup! With that in mind, I've posted a very enthusiastic message on my own board, All Sci-Fi to encourage our...
  17. BudBrewster

    Who's your favorite Firefly character?

    Just out of curiosity, am I REALLY the only one who voted in the pole above? :rolleyes:
  18. BudBrewster

    Fantasy It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955)

    Actually, The Wasp Woman starred the lovely Susan Cabot as an aging woman who uses a special "royal bee jelly" to make herself young. It worked pretty good too! . . . except when she turned into a big scary monster. Perhaps your thinking of The Leech Woman, although that one starred...
  19. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)

    Actually, the good folks in Japan saw "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" in 1953 and decided to make THEIR answer to the rhedosaurus! One year later . . . Presto! Godzilla was released in Japan! It didn't arrive in American until 1956, re-edited and with scenes of famed lawyer Perry Mason...
  20. BudBrewster

    Sci-Fi All Sci-Fi is back!

    Hey, thanks for joining! I just activated your membership! :cool: I've been having trouble with the "Join by invitation" password and had to modify it a few times before it finally worked. You're the first member to join since I got it fixed! We hope you'll visit often and enjoy All Sci-Fi...
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