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  1. tizl

    What games are you currently playing?

    Let my WoW sub lapse (for now), and started playing Far Cry Primal. Enjoying it so far. First person open world sandbox RPGs have become my favorite type of game.
  2. tizl

    Fantasy Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

    I liked the movie a lot. There's some corny dialogue, and the boyfriend isn't the greatest actor, but I thought the actress did a terrific job with Alita, I enjoyed her relationship with the father figure (probably because I have three daughters), and her growth both physically and emotionally...
  3. tizl

    Sci-Fi Newb wants a good read! ;)

    I haven't read a lot of dystopian sci-fi, other than classics like 'Fahrenhiet 451' or '1984', though I think maybe 'Alas Babylon' and 'Folk of the Fringe' by OSC probably fit in that category. I do love to play Fallout, so maybe I should explore that genre a bit more :)
  4. tizl

    Sci-Fi Newb wants a good read! ;)

    I've never actually read those, so I'm not sure how similar the stories are, but read anything by Jack Vance. He's my favorite sci-fi author of all time.
  5. tizl

    Sci-Fi Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    I'd be fine, if a little disappointed, with just an "okay" new Star Wars trilogy. The prequel trilogy was objectively bad, but I don't hate it. But what they've done now, and especially with the most recent film, is akin to someone taking your best friend and turning him against you. I would...
  6. tizl

    Action Polar (2019) ~ NetFlix Comic-To-Film

    My wife and I just watched this tonight, and it was pretty good. It was deliberately over the top in many senses, which my wife loved. She is a fan of movies like this, and Kill Bill, while I prefer something slightly more grounded in reality like John Wick. Yes, the laser glove scene was the...
  7. tizl

    Sci-Fi The Expanse (2015-?) Syfy

    That's a tough question, as it's fairly subjective, and who knows where they are going with the story. The TV series stuck pretty close to the novels until this past season, and even then only deviated in that it amalgamated some characters and shrunk the timeline, which is understandable since...
  8. tizl

    From a nightmare fuel place from the internet...

    Welcome! Tell us more about yourself, where you're from, what games/music you like, etc.
  9. tizl

    PC Skyrim, does this thing ever end!

    Just wait until you discover modding. Not sure if I'm doing you a favor, or about to ruin your life, but go check out and the Skyrim section, and good luck going down that rabbit hole. I don't even know how many hours I've put into Skyrim, hundreds and hundreds for sure. And...
  10. tizl

    Sci-Fi The Expanse (2015-?) Syfy

    Great news! I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of the next book in a couple months. It's #8 of a planned 10, so it's getting to the end, and making me sad...
  11. tizl

    Superheroes Marvel's Daredevil (Netflix)

    I'm really excited about S3. I've been pretty lukewarm on the other Marvel Netflix shows, but really enjoyed both Daredevil seasons and in fact I thought S2 was by far the best Marvel Netflix show Looking at the trailer, I like that he's going back to his old school "armor", and it sounds like...
  12. tizl

    What are you watching right now?

    Just finished The Innocents on Netflix. Very interesting premise, though the season is a bit slow. It looks like it's setup for another season, and there are a lot of places it can go to. Just started season 2 of Ozark today. It's a great show, but a little dark.
  13. tizl

    Superheroes Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix)

    I was very disappointed with it. It started out decent, I liked some of the fight scenes, as he mentioned the more he got hit, the better he fought, and they actually choreographed a couple of fights that way. But the longer the show went on, the more whiny and unlikable I thought his...
  14. tizl

    I don't know/remember

    So, I've never seen that show Crusade, but just looked at it in IMDB, and saw that Gary Cole is the lead as Capt. Matthew Gideon. There is NO WAY I could take that show seriously now, and I actually mean that in a good way: "Mmm, yeah, I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on...
  15. tizl

    Politics Are there any "conservative" sci-fi shows?

    Negative for the mom? Or negative for the family? You are generalizing to a massive degree if your point is that birth rates are falling due to a two-parent working household. I'm sure that is one of the causes, but one among many. Even the article you link can only speculate, and it lists a...
  16. tizl

    Sci-Fi New science fiction films happening???

    I think my biggest issue with both films, is that it didn't portray how brilliant the protagonists were. SPOILERS! In Wade Watts' case, in the movie when he find the first key, it comes because he very quickly and easily finds one clue, then acts on it and that was it. In the book he has to...
  17. tizl

    Politics Are there any "conservative" sci-fi shows?

    Great write-up, and I agree with it. I think a big part of this, is because of reactionary elements in society that are trying so hard to do away with gender differences. But those differences are based in science and biology and it is reality. The helpless goofball dad is funny and the...
  18. tizl

    Sci-Fi New science fiction films happening???

    I think I would have liked Ready Player One if I hadn't of read the book already. It was well-made and fun, but too many significant changes in there for my liking. I felt the same way about Ender's Game, but to an even larger degree.
  19. tizl

    Superheroes Guardians of Galaxy director fired

    Totally agree Kevin. I think Gunn was probably fired because Roseanne was. I don't either should have been, IMO. I understand it's the right of the private studio, but I don't like that road we're going down.
  20. tizl

    Roller coasters at Disney land and Disney world

    I've only been to Disneyland, but the California Screamer (now Incredicoaster) and the Thunder Mountain Railroad have always been my favorites. We're going again next year after Star Wars land opens, and while I don't think any of the new rides are coasters, I'm curious to see what they come up...
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