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  1. screenersam

    'Prisoner' reruns on Folk TV

    favorite Number Two's: 5) David Bauer, 'Living in Harmony'. this had a western theme and Bauer really makes you think of a judge or sheriff (some resemblance to Lee J Cobb of 'The Virginian'). 4) Georgina Cookson, 'Many Happy Returns'. this is the one where #6 wakes to an empty village...
  2. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Gotham (Fox)

    well Gotham is done Batman appeared at the end (comic scene of Kabelpot/Nygma hiding) last season kind of a downer. was worried they'd do minor-villain-of-the-week, esp after they showed a bunch of them last ep of last year (man-bat, orphan, etc). they did a few (ventriloquist) but those minor...
  3. screenersam

    Roswell NM

    this week I binge watched Roswell NM (13 episodes, CW network) *spoilers* Riverdale wannabe. teen sex, gay, parent issues, etc. occasional snarky leftist comments didn't help. characters were not memorable or appealing. uninspired plot very PC. the two bad guys were white males, one military...
  4. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Wandering Earth (2019) [Netflix]

    chinese blockbuster 'Wandering Earth' hits netflix What If Netflix Released a $700 Million Blockbuster and No One Noticed? Oh Wait, It Just Did doom porn can't be much worse than our stuff trailer: they seem to have spent serious money on it
  5. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Gotham (Fox)

    glad they got rid of Fish and the Falcones I'm guessing we'll see Nygma and Cobblepot soaking wet, Penguin will blame Riddler for faulty engineering and Riddler will point out Penguin loaded an extra ton or whatever of loot he didn't account for.
  6. screenersam

    Rusted Sailor

    Galactus then?
  7. screenersam

    Horror So complete puter meltdown kids

    thankx and good luck puters are like cars to me, I just turn the key and hope it starts.
  8. screenersam

    'Prisoner' reruns on Folk TV

    very obscure cable channel called Folk TV is showing Prisoner reruns three episodes on Saturday nights low-budget operation. ends/begins a few minutes off and listings don't describe episodes. also rerunning 'Secret Agent', also with McGoohan. enjoying. one great, if sometimes enigmatic, show.
  9. screenersam

    Budgie's Intro

    welcome aboard never been to best coast, maybe someday
  10. screenersam

    Foodies Bored of eating the same old things

    I use the crock pot a lot layer of taters, layer of meat (boneless thighs work well) top off with layer of grozen stringbeans salt/pepper etc to taste. you can also crock ribs, meat loaf or pork loin.
  11. screenersam


    I grill on occasion but I live by myself so its not hardly worth it. tabletop gas grill does make it easy.
  12. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Rampage (2018)

    stuff like that creeps me out so not interested. thanks for the review. as I recall it did decent at the box office but not super.
  13. screenersam

    Hii there!

    welcome I see the cat also likes sci-fi hope you enjoy the site
  14. screenersam

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    obscure 90s group 'An April March' (not to be confused with the Canadian pop singer April March) not available commercially. thank God for youtube.
  15. screenersam

    Comedy From the only in Australia files

    can't make this stuff up huh sounds like something from 'Waterworld'
  16. screenersam

    Rusted Sailor

    welcome the monster sounds sort of like Godzilla (indestructable) keep us updated, sounds interesting
  17. screenersam

    Horror Overlord (2018)

    thanks for the review you've been a busy little poster this week
  18. screenersam

    Godzilla Eng Dub Collection at Archive.Org

    I don't have the bandwith for online movies so don't know if I can actually watch any thanks again for the info. I see some MST3K material there!
  19. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Newb wants a good read! ;)

    most of Jack McDevitts books are good 'Digging Leviathan' by Blaylock. some 'fantasy' elements Dune (don't bother with the numerous sequels)
  20. screenersam

    This book is mandatory!

    haven't read much hard scifi lately will put on list
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