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    Season 5 5.10 Title

    Do we know the date SOS will air yet? this week or next week or when? I posted this question in the "I see dead people" threads without realizing what I was doing. Meant to post it here. So please inform me. I am in the dark.
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    Season 5 5.14 Title

    Do we know the date the episode will air? this week? next week? I know it will be in March, but don't know what day. Please inform those of us who are in the dark.
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    Michael Vartan news and pictures

    Well, I don't know because I haven't been keeping up but according to (photo agency) he was still in Los Angeles on October 27. here he is at the Koi Restaurant....
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    Michael Vartan reunites with BC

    Ok, now this news makes me regret not adding KC to my list of shows currently watching. I had Alias, Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, and lost, but now that Arrested Development won't be returning for another season, I guess I can squeeze KC into the mix. I can't have tooo many shows because...
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    Michael Vartan news and pictures

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    Season 5 5.08 Title

    freakforalias, I love your Syd banner. About BOB, um, I haven't read any of the spoilers lately so I have no clue, but if it's about Syd's baby, it's not necessarily named Bob... maybe B.O.B. will be the initials, remember Syd said she likes the name Owen (hehe) and as Syd may name the baby...
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    Season 5 Rate: "Mockingbird"

    Hey, I miss Vaughn as much as the next fan, but I still like the show. I like the new agents. Fresh blood. What's wrong with that? Rachel is fascinating. She and Sydney had some great scenes. I like how Sydney has taken this adorable genius under her wing. Balthazar Getty is cool too. I didn't...
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck IV

    OMG, who the hell cares? Don't worry about it. God, with all the things going on in the world, that's what you're concerned about? If JG and Ben Affleck got a marriage license in cA? mind your own business.
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    Season 5 Quotes

    Marshall: Oh yeah, I guess it's five then. Marshall: I'm not having an affair. Carrie: I know you're not having an affair. I'm just worried you'll wake up Mitchell. Marshall: I know it's you. I made a special ringtone for you.
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    Season 5 Rate: "...1..."

    Yep, it has been four months, and Syd did cry, in the scene with Jack at the end. Syd's character has always been consistently very guarded, just like Jack. She hides her emotions behind a veneer of toughness. She doesn't wear her emotions on her sleeve, people. She never has.
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    Season 5 Rate: "...1..."

    I liked everything about this episode except the Weiss fight scene. The writers should have put Dixon in the fight sequence instead. Dixon is a great fighter and he rarely gets a chance to fight. the Weiss fight scene was pretty lame. I like Weiss, but sorry to say, he can't fight. Or if he can...
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    Season 5 The guy in the chamber...

    Maybe the guy in the chamber is Bill Vaughn.... my other thought is maybe it's Sark. But the latter is just me hoping Sark comes back! I want that boy back so badly!
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    Season 5 Marshall's Slippers!

    What do you guys think about Marshall's slippers? :P
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    Season 5 Who is the man behind prophet 5?

    I think like you on this! If it is Bill Vaughn, who obviously faked his death (again) then he would have not bumped off Vaughn. Maybe Bill arranged for MV's death to be staged for some reason. He needs his son for something, something only MV can provide. I agree!!!!!!!!!! Always thought so...
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    Season 5 Rate: "...1..."

    What about Marshall? He's not leaving too, is he? LOL, too funny. Yes, the braids were cute. I wondered if it was Vaughn too. It can't be Vaughn unless whoever Bad Guy is working for needs something that only Vaughn has or can access somehow.... Oh yes, that scene was amazing. I was so...
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    Jennifer gets expanded role on ALIAS?

    How can the show go on without her playing Sydney? There's no one else who could play that part. The show would not be the same.
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    Season 5 Rate: "Prophet Five"

    I had not noticed. Thanks for pointing this out! exec producer or just producer?
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    Season 5 The new gal - Rachel

    Here is a very interesting article about Rachel Nichols: From a Bangor, Maine newspaper Apparently, she is from Augusta, Maine and this article is a rather lengthy career bio. She met JJ when she auditioned for MI3 and she claims to have been a huge Alias fan for the first 3 seasons, without...
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    Season 5 Rate: "Prophet Five"

    I like the way you think!
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    Season 5 Balthazar Getty

    What will his part be in the show and when will we see him? Next episode?
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