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    Sci-Fi Blade Runner (1982) & Blade Runner: 2049 (2017)

    interlinked cells, interlinked. The promise of Big Brother, we are watching it all!!!
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    Politics Conspiracy Theories

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    Politics Conspiracy Theories

    Paredolia- seeing what one wants, when conditions are favorable, yet it’s a matter of perspective. Mindzeye
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    Politics The Malthusian Theory
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    independent sci fi Film

    Hold on, this is commercial in bandwidth. But 1- there is no mention of a big dumb object like T.H.X. B- Chow Yun Phat and Wannatanbe should have shattered that Alturian and 3C- Witty I am.
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    Comment by 'ScrolGloambug9ls' in media 'Bizarro Pool Party'

    Borak! Where in the double h.e.double hockey sticks is Borak!
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    Conspiracy Chinese incidents of chestbursters likely?

    ahoi can’t wear this by myself anymore.
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    Space Hubble Telescope News

    Eerie Universe!? I understand nor could I neglect for long the sentiment but as a cadet I want to suggest that I be promoted to scout because dinner’s ready and I don’t know the game u mentioned.
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    Alone thinking about Norsewoman from Asia who would take me away!

    Alone thinking about Norsewoman from Asia who would take me away!
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    Reinvesting Navajo Red power to crustaceous battle phobias 🤠

    Reinvesting Navajo Red power to crustaceous battle phobias 🤠
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    Comment by 'ScrolGloambug9ls' in media 'Aliens'

    Carrie Hen!!!!!! Wow you’ve probably aged by the interscope of stateside identity. But I’m like if I ever came to United Kingdom I’d just walk the beat like Nah mean! How is you?
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    What can a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic be working on?

    Whoops I’m starting to bite before I bark so I’d have to suggest a mechanical mechanism of possibility proportions that like the hitchhikers guide to the observable galaxy would retain everything and I mean every possible record of Star Wars entertainment time, space, matter, life, philosophy...
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    Horror Buzz

    I have watched that joint but that creature should have been benched, some evils just can’t be reached. Thinking in terms of horror sub-genres I would suggest the three most relevant in classifying it are psychological, drama, and fill in the ___________.
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    Aliens Do you believe in UFO's?

    Weather or not, so to speak, Edison suggested our personalities, limitless in scope and diversified in nature, both retain and transmutate from the city square while the remains get sailed out the airlock! Shell shock! I think for myself and question myself daily, I do not believe anything...
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    Weyland Yutani is 🚪

    Weyland Yutani is 🚪
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