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    Star Wars fan film

    Cool. I got a story about the origin of the prophecy of the Jedi and the prophecy of the Sith (chosen one and sithari)
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    Joke thread...

    Husband: Why are there broken condoms on the couch? Wife: Please, stop calling the kids that.
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    Sci-Fi Need Spaceship engine problems - any ideas?

    A humorous take would be gallons of a "milk" or milk like product poured into the fuel right before takeoff. We did that to our 5th grade teacher. She was driving a different car after that weekend. Even the teachers thought she deserved it.
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    What can a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic be working on?

    Armor that has a shield generator(like the droidekas in ep 1,2, & 3) and also protects the wearer from the radiation caused by the shield generator AND uses the raradiation it creates for something.
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    Superheroes Avengers :The infinity war

    You know there's at least 10 situations on earth where this happened during the snappening.
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    What are you up to?

    Watching Godzilla+Kong monster and horror(Nightmare, Friday, Leprechaun) movies. Just imagining what an amazingly entertaining yet completely ridiculous Nightmare in Tokyo movie would be like.
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    Fantasy Godzilla VS Kong (2020)

    I'm thinking it'll have a third "bad guy" for the two "heroes" to team up and defeat. There'll probably be a couple pretty damn good fights between kong and godzilla, then one will pin the other down and be about to kill the other until out of the blue BAM! ROAR! GIRR! a bigger/badder threat...
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