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    Season 5 5.04 Title

    the first thing i thought when i read about "mockingbird" was that it could be another nightgale episode...another weapon? vaugh was sort of "mocked" by sloane cloane with the nightgale coil. or it could just be a code name. i wonder whether it's a codename for vaughn when he was some sort of...
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    Season 5 503 Title

    Sark Heads Evil Department Should He (Vaughn) Ever Disclose? Shouldn't Have Ever Dated! (s/v) Sorry, Horrible Episode - Damn. Silly Huggable Evil Dad So Happy Enjoying Drugs Small Hiding Effective Dungeon Stinky Hamsters Eating Dixon .......hmmm
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    Season 5 Best Season to Date? (1-4)

    i feel sorry for you, joey. you're aussie.....they're....well, we're (since i'm from aussie too) just finished with welcome to liberty village today *sigh*. i reckon S5 will be a killer. i mean, a good cliffhanger will always lead to an awesome revelation, right? i mean, how bad was the...
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    Season 5 503 Title

    does that mean we're all expecting to see some 'shedding' of some sorts? afterall, syd will be getting pregnant :D totally! i was watching that by myself and i had goosebumps all over me! it was the scariest episode in the history of alias! hehe i'm such a wuss perhaps is a flashback, back...
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    Season 5 Episode 5.02 Title

    definitely a weird title....i wonder what it means if <o> was a rambaldi thing, would "...1..." be another rambaldi thing as well? it's hard to speculate at this time and probably not coz rambaldi usually doesn't start this early in the season. he usually comes in eppy 15-16 maybe syd accepts...
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    Season 5 Best Season to Date? (1-4)

    w00t my first post :D it's such a hard decision to make because it's alias and of course it's the best show in the world :P although i voted for season 4, it might be because it's the season that is still fresh in my mind. i really like the twists and turns and i LOVED the finale. it was...
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