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    Thoughts about season 4

    i didn't enjoy the fourth season as much because it just seemed to unreal to me. my favorite season was the third one because the fact that lauren was keeping vaughn and sydney apart made me want to watch it more.i also wanted to find out what happened to her in those two years.
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    Season 5 season 5 premiere

    its starting from the beginning on TNT on Sept. 26 at 6:00, everyday of the week. doesn't that rock!
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    Spoiler Support!

    i never look at spoilers cause it just ruins the show. the show is supposed to be cliffhangers so whats the point of finding out whats going to happen! i must admit :blush: i have looked at one spoiler before and it was that vaughn was leaving. it didn't even happen so whats the point of...
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