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    Rap Music

    I used to listen to rap music religiously back when I was in junior high and high school. Ever since then I've hated it with a passion. Rap has totally lost it. Everything they play today on the radio is garbage. Dont get me wrong, I m only generalizing, there are songs that are great, but...
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    Connected V.8

    Holy felgercarb last night I was just at hte show, I get VIP passes from my work and it was wicked. THe whole night I was partying with Rank 1, BX Nick Sentience and crew. Wicked show.
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    Hey Everyone I m back

    Does anyone remember me I use to come here and act like a complete retard. If you remember me please say hi. Well hello to everyone its great to be back. I need a cool avatar. I ll get one now. HI EVERYONE!!! :D
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