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  1. KGByall

    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    I call a mere FOUR good episodes out of TWENTY-TWO definitely felgercarb. Episodes 401-402 (which aired as one season premiere) -- SUCH action and we waited forever for it. Episode 405 -- Liberty Village, getting to see Syd and Vaughn all vulnerable together. Episode 406 -- Syd go crazy and call...
  2. KGByall

    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    I feel SO SAD when I read comments like this, meaning I feel sad for the Alias fan who didn't appreciate the series finale or get anything from it. Alias is over, I doubt there will ever be a spin-off, the show was too good to be tainted with now that it's done...meaning, if you didn't like the...
  3. KGByall

    Awesome ALIAS tribute

    If you want, check out my blog post: I spent five hours last night documenting my favourite memories from the past five seasons of Alias. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to make a comment on the bottom of it! -KGB
  4. KGByall

    Favorite Syd and Vaughn Moment

    i don't want to pick any of those. My favourite moment, HANDS DOWN, is when they are in the North Korean jail, halfway through episode 3.12, and Syd says "we'll find each other, we always find each other..." she then kisses his check and they make out. That is the most genuine and raw moment...
  5. KGByall

    SEASON 3 or SEASON 5?

    i am clearly in the minority but i LOVED season 3. Season 2 was obviously my favourite and season 1 rocked. Season 4 was terrible, only the 1st, 5th, 7th and last episodes of season 4 were good. SEASON 3 was phenomenal. I love when a couple is apart, but dying to be together. The entire...
  6. KGByall

    Best Alias quotes?

    a few more favourites: 1) "how was the first briefing with lauren?" "Wonderful! [said sarastically]" "I'm not asking because i'm a fan of interoffice gossip..." 2) Nadia-"She also has....." Agent-" assault rifle,12 gate shotgun, 4 handguns, 2 tasers and a...secret drawer of knives...lets...
  7. KGByall

    new movie

    i don't understand, maybe i am just naive but i was under the impression that everything was a hoax and J.J. was a brilliant writer makign us think Michael's character would be die....but he was actually come back, in like 5-6 episodes or something...... is that not still happening? Michael...
  8. KGByall

    From JJ's Very Own Mouth

    just a small fact, in my opinion, Alias would NEVER continue into a season WITHOUT J Garn. The show is phenomenal, every little element. I truly watch it for everything and everyone, but Jennifer Garner is the star and we know from past history that a hit show CANNOT continue of the STAR...
  9. KGByall

    phenomenal song

    the song from season 2, the episode where Sydney must take blood from Vaughn, in order to get an anecdote to save his life.......the song playing while she draws the blood. "Slumber My Darling" by Yo-Yo Ma it's beyond gorgeous.
  10. KGByall

    Best Alias quotes?

    Jack - "IF you care about my daughter as you claim to , then push her away. Be cruel if you have to, make her despise you.....because your kindness.....TORTURES her." Season 3 - REMNANTS
  11. KGByall

    Best Alias quotes?

    I LOVE THIS IDEA: Schapker [and Campbell - same guy] - "Your personality profile revealed your one major weakness......Emphatehtic suffering is harder for you to sustain than physical for caring." I love that physically, she can endure anything, but emotionally, she is...
  12. KGByall

    "Catch and Release"

    does anyone know specifically where they are filming Catch And Release in Vancouver? i live here and would love to see the set from afar, as i do with so many films/tv shows....god, Vancouver has gotten to be such a popular filming place. Anywhoo, if anyone knows, email me i...
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