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    Nadia Pettion

    I know it's Alias-related, but please do not start threads solely to plug. You are welcome to mention it in relevant topics, or advertise it in your sig.
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    Possible Mia/Nadia spoiler

    the rumour mill is saying Mia is being dropped to recurring and another female character being introduced. Which makes no sense to me! So if you'd like to let the TPTB know it bothers you sign the petition that I started At least we can show Mia how...
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    What do you think about Mia?

    Did we not watch Before the Flood? How can you say she is not a good actress? Did you not see the same scenes I did between her and Sydney and especially when she is tied to the chair and the amazing interaction between her and Sonia/Elena? Plus, I don't think she would be getting all the roles...
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