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    Hi from Indiana!

    Indiana Holla! Represent the MidWest!
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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    I seriously can't belive that this just happened. I couldnt think of a worse ending....Jack dies, by Sloane...there is NO justice in that in the "final battle between good and evil" Jack was like the rock throughout this show, and that was just wrong. Sark lives, but hey, what else is...
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    Salut! Another "Dracula decendent" here! 1-4, that is a huge gift!! And if you had only seen one ep. i bet your life was consumed and you were amazed! Welcome!
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    Season 5 Time to start emailing ABC

    *sigh* i wish that ABC would just realize that this is an amazing show and it shouldn't even be messing around with "trying to find" an air-time. As soon as i learned at the beginning of the year that they were moving its time-slot i knew nothing good would happen.....ohh well.... Heres to...
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    Alias awaiting return slot

    *sigh* i guess that all just wished that after 5 seasons that the show would be getting more respect than this....hopefully it will come back to Wednesday nights and get rid of Invasion felgercarb or whatever....heres to hoping that it can't get anyworse than it already is!
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    Catch and Release, Failure to Launch Trailers

    Besides the fact that "Catch and Release" looks.....well there arent' words for how good that movie is going to be....does anyone know the name of the song that is playing in the first part of the trailer (The one before Anna Nalick's Breathe)?? I love it, but I don't know the title or artist...
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

    It would just be fun to have everyone back! I think that 2nd season was the best, and when Fran wasnt a FemBot it was awesome, Im just imiginaing what the best Series Finalie would be...ever Ps. i forgot to add, that that creepy guy that handed the glass to Syd when Vaughn was in the...
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

    ...its episodes like this that remind me why i havent given up on this show...Finally an episode that brought it all together again... SPY DADDY! I love Mr. Jack Bristow "its not the suit you should be afraid of" and the rattle, and the Dr.s was amazing I cried mutiple times in this...
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    Season 5 React: Bob

    [font=Fixedsys]Vaughn returns! I had a brain hemorage!! This episode was deff the best so far of the season. When Jack and Syd were on their "mission" together, it was so cute! And I think Rachel is realy comming along as a new agent. As for her and Tom...I'm still not sure how taht is going to...
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    ABC to End 'Alias' Run in May 2006

    ...what a great way to wake up on a holiday...i guess tomorrow will be BLACK friday indeed.... while we all knew it was comming, it doesnt make it any easier...DVDs ahoY! i do blame ABC for part of this, if they had just kept it on Wednesdays after Lost, none of this would have happened (or if...
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    A must for season 5

    Season 2 was absoultely amazing...the second half especially! How can you not love episodes like "Double Agnet" and "Phase One" This season really let us see all of the characters for who they are, and it is true, about how Sydney had friends..(except one was a Fembot...) but Will, he added so...
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    Drawer Lovers: THREAD 2!

    I'd LOVE a number! Syd/Vaughn forever!!!!! thanks!
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    Michael Vartan reunites with BC

    ?? I'm confused! What happened, It was in the TV guide, then someone told me it was cancled....what happened to the episode...did it show?! If it did, does anyone know where I can get a copy?! Thanks!
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    Season 5 React: Out of the Box

    I was still half hoping that it was Vaughn in the box! O well, I hope that Slone is found to be evil yet again, and hie is finally gone for everything that he has done! Im still warming up to all the new ppl, cuz i miss the old gang so much! Tom is a little too much like Weiss for me, he needs...
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    Season 5 Catchy, but dated

    Do you think death has become meaningless on Alias? If a characters returns from “death,” do you think it's more meaningful if he or she actually died, or does that matter? I don't think that it has become meaningless. Vaughn is such an important person to this show and no matter if he is dead...
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    Season 5 Rate: "Prophet Five"

    lol, sorry, but seriously, that so worked for how i felt!
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    Season 5 Rate: "Prophet Five"

    Ok, so this is the first chance i have had to post since thurs.....i there wern't words to describe how it shock, and some anger. I'm super upset Vaughn left. One of the things that made this show what it is was the Syd/Vaughn relationship. During the 1st/3rd and...
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    2005 Primetime Emmys

    Grr...I was SO ANGRY with the Emmy's las night!!! Jen didn't win, Terry and Naveen didn't win, Kiefer didn't win....serioulsy, all of my catergories lost. The only 2 that actually won what I wanted were Direction for a drama series (yea JJ, at least that is kinda alias....., and Drama Series...
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    Vaughns Syndicate

    Hey id LOVE to join! Represent Vaughn everywehere i can to make sure he sticks around! Thanks Vaughn leaves....i leave s5 in 16 days!
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    Nadia's Spies

    Hey even tho its kinda late.....i would LOVE to be on the spysis list! I love Nadias character, and wish that she would be around for the rest of the seasons! It seemes like she got screwed all the time, mostly because her father was, neway a number would be great! Id love to...
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