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    When is it going to change? No really, really CHANGE?

    If there was some form of text that conveyed my message more appropriately that capslock, I assure you that I would use it... But with lack of a better method: WHEN THE ---- ARE MMORPGS GOING TO ----ING CHANGE FOR THE BETTER? I'm sick of seeing the same games over and over. I'm ready for...
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    Happy 1. Birthday last Heros Journey News

    It was fun while it lasted.
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    Even in this small corner of the internet, lost on some server locked in a back room... life stirs... and from it... a repost!
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    The underwhelming amount of replies for this series has left me hating all of you slightly more. It really is a great two-parter that so few seem to know about. I know I enjoyed this a good deal more than most of the 'popular' titles of today.
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    Terry Goodkind

    Since I'm sure almost any post in these forums is welcomed these days... My final standing opinion on this series is "Meh." It's a decent and long series to kill time with, if you have no other pressing matters to attend to. It's a four book series that has been clearly stretched for some...
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    All-Points Bulletin - Cops and Robbers MMO

    Car Chases. Drive-by's. Robbery. Grand-theft Auto. Drug deals. Murder. What more could you want? Oh, yea. The most awesome character creator I have ever seen in my entire life? Did I mention it includes cars, guns, graffiti tags, and hangouts? APB is quickly becoming my number one...
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    Simu Rumor Mill

    I don't really care either to be honest, but it's nice to see Simu may still make it. What's just another game to us is a source of income, and a baby to them. Plus, the more game studios the merrier.
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    Still Humming Along

    So how about them Hero Engines, guys?
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    The Secret World

    A bit like real life, huh?
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    The Secret World

    The cat's out of the bag, now! They finally did some press on The Secret World, and I have to admit it's sounding extremely promising. Be Who You Want To Be: There are no classes or levels. Experience the freedom of complete...
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    HAHA! I can't believe it! I finally find one before you guys! Keep scrolling down till you see it. I'm giddy that I found some news before you guys. :)
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    Selling the old toons, dust and all.

    You guys seem to be under the delusion that the only people who buy these accounts are people who are just starting the game, and want a high level character. (Something I agree is pretty ----ty.) But I'd say the overwhelming majority of people who buy existing accounts are already veterans at...
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    Selling the old toons, dust and all.

    So, I just sold my old MMORPG accounts. Between the five accounts, I have made $837.00 in the past 3 hours. Honestly, I feel bad about it. I loved some of those characters, and put a lot of time into their stories and adventures. (Not to mention the grinding!) But it's done. They'll get...
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    New HeroEngine w/ a tease of future HJ news....

    I'm more "Wow, news." But to be honest, if HJ came out today, I'd probably not play it.
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    Blade and Soul AKA Punch the life out of small foxes game. Video and information there. It's still very beta, even in Korea, and I'm sure it will be a typical Korean mmorpg that we've seen a hundred times... But it looks fast. Not just kinda fast, but really fast...
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    Hero's Journey, Dead?

    I'd like to post the perfect "wall of text" to heal the wounds, quell the fears, and soothe the hurt feelings... But I'm just not capable of it. In lieu of a post with this magnitude, I'll share the only thing I feel that comes close to it. ---- is...
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    Sci-Fi Watchmen (2009)

    Too many half-assed sex scenes. Literately, ever 10 minutes people were stripping down just to make a few funny faces, then they were done. Boooooring! Too many butts. I know one of the main characters is naked, and that's fine, the movie is intended for adults after all... But come on...
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    Champions Online

    BAM! Enough talking about Darkfail. I've been following Champions-Online since my original post above, and I have to say, they're making huge strides. No more crappy cartoon faces like we saw way back in early 2008. With 2 new PR videos released in the last few weeks, and with beta...
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    Every last video and screen shot I've seen of Darkfall has been a let down. The game looks terrible, and while eye candy isn't all that important, the game literately looks on par with EQ1. The "real time" gameplay looks to be about the same as Age of Conan. Yea, you get to do the swinging...
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    I wonder if I remember how to do this... :welcome:
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