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    Us Aussies hate channel seven

    are you talkin bout me JJ or another JJ?? i do lurk around often... :P i told nic bout ALIAS... of course she's complainin bout the bad time slot, but hey we get ALIAS!!! :D
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    Us Aussies hate channel seven

    honesty should not be frowned upon. i dunno what you're all yackin on bout, but i praise whoever for havin the courage to tell the truth. hi all my name's JJ and i'm new here. i live in sydney and i am a moderate fan of alias lol. my friend rach (syd kicks ass or something along the lines of...
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    What would make you happy/er right now? #2

    sleep, no stress, no school, no parents, adrian, a holiday with my friends on some island, chocoalate, a mint chocolate bomb from gloria jeans, a diamond ring greedy? me? never. :rolleyes:
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