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    dreams about alias

    i dont know if this is been done before but does anyone like me love alias so much they have dreams about it when their sleeping? for example a couple of nights ago i had a dream about the whole season four finale, in my dream i was watching the first ep of season five and syd was all...
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    Season 4 Quotes

    my all time favorite jack quote jack: I'm trying to have more fun these days. god that was awsome i was cracking up and i just loved the whole wiess and marshell blackmailing that russian minister and i dont know what it was but i liked that scene where jack ansered the phone and told...
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    Season 4 Jack and Irina

    im sure they will find anther way like jack helping her go into hideing again or something. but if she does stop elena and all that i think the government should just pardon her i mean cmon they gave sloane full access to the CIA they better damm well pardon irina.
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    Season 4 Jack....father of two?

    i forgot what the name of the ep is but in season 3 when slone admits to his affair and admits that nadia is his child he says he did a paternity test and confirmed he was the father. but this is arvin slone were talking about he could be lying.
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    Season 4 Jack....father of two?

    ya i caught that to i mean irina was just practicly telling jack that he is nadia's father but i still believe it could be slone i guess well just have to wait and see but i was also thinkin if sloane did indeed find out that nadia is jack's daughter and not his...
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    Season 4 Quotes

    i loved that when syd and vaughn were talkin about how she likes it rough and syd goes Syd: are we on coms? Jack: YES you are both on coms i love jack :reallyexcited: :up:
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    Season 4 Did Sloane ever call Nadia daughter?

    He has referred to her as his daughter in real life, but in his dreams with Emily he would not call her daughter. Probably because he didn't want Emily to know about his affair.
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    Season 4 Quotes!

    my favorite was that part when syd wasnt sure about it and then vaughn says "well we can get wiess dressed up in a skirt to play irina" or somtin like that i loved that part
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    Season 4 Jack's Apartment

    i know i was gald to finally get some more info on jack's past cuz i know the show is all about syd but jack is my favorite charcter. now im assuming that jack hasnt always lived here cuz we know its not the place syd grew up and i remember that ep is S1...
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    Season 5 Episode descriptions - last three eps

    thats exactly what i was thinkin i mean she is spanish its so obvious now i think shes a good actress and will probly play elena well but cmon she cant be so good that they have to cast a latino as a russian.
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    Season 5 Episode descriptions - last three eps

    ok how the hell can nadia's caregiver be yelena drevko i mean she watched over nadia so that fits the whole setinel thing but she is spanish i mean full spanish u can easily tell when u hear her id like to see how they explain a spanish women playin a...
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    Season 4 Sloane goes postal!

    the way it sounded was he was just finally gettin the whole rambaldi thing out of his system i guess well just have to wait untill next week to find out what happens to him
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    Season 5 Season Finale...

    i read in other spoilers and they all said "irina drevko returns from the dead" and then another spoiler on spoilerfix said that jack killed her but yet he didnt(whatever the hell that means?) so most likly what there doin is she will be alive and well see her alive but to...
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    Season 5 Episode descriptions - last three eps

    that would be great seein vaughn ask jack that. but can u imagine what it would be like if wiess asked slone that about nadia? that would be great
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    Is it Elena or Yelena?

    ok so Elena is how americans say Yelena?
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    Season 5 "In Dreams" Descrip. and Pics

    it would make sense though 2 friends(jack and sloane) who were kinda like brothers married to 2 sisters irina was sent to get info on project christmas maby yelena(emily) was sent to get info from jacks boss her code name is setinel which means to watch...
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    Season 5 "In Dreams" Descrip. and Pics

    well i guess since this is the spoiler fourm its safe for me to say this here. i was reading on and theyve got a new one that says that we have seen Yelena Dreveko before and now Emily Slone is coming back is anybody thinking what...
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    Is it Elena or Yelena?

    i know in the first ep with katya the third drevko sister was named yelena. but then in the early S4 eps they were calling Elena. and now in the last 2 ep's there calling her yelena again. does anybody know for sure what her real name is acually? has it been confirmed?
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    Season 4 Rate: Pandora

    Katya ate the chocalate and got sick to show nadia she was serious that she wanted to see Sydney.
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    Dead or Alive?

    u do have a point with y kill irina when she can just remain in hiding but if someone (say the CIA) was looking for her it would probly be easier for her to fake death and then go into hiding cuz the CIA or whoever would think she is dead and stop looking for her. thats on...
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