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    Favorite mad spoff a sci fi show or film

    mine is the spoof and the original planet of apes film.
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    Sci-Fi Wheres the next big sci fi movie??

    When will we like in 77 have a hit sci fi film that's original and becomes a phenomenon???
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    Sci-Fi picard series

    D o you think picard all access series will be a hit or miss??
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    If they did a new space 1999

    I like 2nd scenario the best..
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    What are you watching right now?

    Doctor Who
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    Forbidden Planet paintings and drawings

    I like how realistic they are drawn.
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    If they did a new space 1999

    Who would you like to see star in it/ DO you want space20099 with new uniforms or similar tot he original..should the eagle be revamped>??
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    Space FireMen

    No. may post another one one day..
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    Space FireMen

    For many centuries there has been people whose line of work has been to put out fires. they are simply called firemen.. This name is a fiting name for their job is to extinguish fires from the home or wherever a fire may arise.. In the far future man has left a now dead earth.The earths sun...
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    Jean-Luc Picard Returning!

    I got dvd blue rays of twilight zone .it came with radio drama of adaptation of some of its shows. I wish they would do a star trek radio drama .I haven't been into star trek in decades. It would have to eb really good for me to watcha new star trek..
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    Sci-Fi Classic Sci-fi

    I like space 1999. a classic series.
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    Sci-Fi New science fiction films happening???

    I like toosee a new science fiction instead of soem remakethats m been reimagene a thousand times//
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    Sci-Fi Forbidden Planet Remake Franchise

    I saw the novel the film based on at a used bookstore today..
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    Sci-Fi Forbidden Planet Remake Franchise

    I like to see a remake made soon..
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    Sci-Fi Forbidden Planet Remake Franchise

    Who in Hollywood now could be in the cast of such a remake??
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    Sci-Fi Forbidden Planet Remake Franchise

    Star trek the cage was inspired by Forbidden planet!:)
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