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  1. mariamosh

    The CoolSciFi Gender Poll

    Is it a big surprise, or? Why this reaction? You think scifi was made exclusively for men? Does all of you react this way?
  2. mariamosh

    Galactica (orginal series) in a minute

    LOL!! And I haven't even seen the old version of BSG series :P
  3. mariamosh

    New Sci-fi Series Achilles

    Hey! Nice work even though the animation is to weak for me watching it any further, but that's just me. Nice music and I sense a nice storyline coming... Keep it up!
  4. mariamosh


    Zorro..fantasy? I would say adventure since I think there is a distinction between adventure and fantasy movies. But Shrek is totally fantasy :o
  5. mariamosh

    The Weekly Impulse

    I'm gonna check it out!
  6. mariamosh

    Map of Tatooine

    Interesting facts! I am a huge SW fan and would like to take this opportunity to ask you if you ever heard of some kind of university (or similar level) course on Star Wars? I think it was supposed to be held in England. Or maybe it was just something I wished for...
  7. mariamosh

    Challenge: Name the monster or the movie

    I also saw a couple of Jurassic Park dinosaurs in there. Still trying to figure out the dragon at 0.34 though.
  8. mariamosh

    Scary Monsters

    As a young girl, I used to hide under the sofa cushions wathcing The Day of the Triffids And as I was a couple of years older, it was totally anything from the "V" series. My parents let me se everything I wanted to. Thank GOD! XD
  9. mariamosh

    Animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    I think I read they wanted the 3D animation look a lot like the comics, that's why it looks a little bit funny. But dammit, as much of a Star Wars fan I might be, I am just so not a fan of 3D animation. I am even thinking about NOT going to the movies for this one. Bleh.
  10. mariamosh

    What should SciFi Channel look like?

    I'm so sad we don't have Sci Fi Channel in Sweden anymore. I had it for a couple of luxurious months in 1998 or 1999 but then it was gone. ARRRRGH!!!!! Is there any way you can watch it online or somethin?
  11. mariamosh

    Dune Series

    I think the first one is one of the best books I ever read. When I decided to look up the rest of the series I only got through half of the second one and somehow lost the interest. However, if that depended on me having to much school work to do or if it was just not as interesting as the first...
  12. mariamosh

    SciFi Which Way?

    I have to say I prefer films and TV series, since I'm originally a film freak and not a book freak :P
  13. mariamosh

    2008 Science-Fiction Conventions

    Thanks for the welcoming! Been a member for a few months and decided to start posting and looking this community up tonight :) The fan base in Sweden is large enough for holding one sci fi/fantasy convention (or "congress" as it's called) each year in southern Sweden. I've never been to any...
  14. mariamosh

    The CoolSciFi Gender Poll

    Well, look at the Bill Pullman "His Dark Materials" - there's a (young) female lead character :)
  15. mariamosh

    The CoolSciFi Gender Poll

    I don't think any female character made me interested in sci fi as a young girl. Rather my two brothers hooked me up on it, and nowadays I'm more into it then they are. However, the appearences of female lead characters of course can have a positive effect! maybe not the...
  16. mariamosh

    2008 Science-Fiction Conventions

    Virtual mini-con sounds good to me living in a galaxy far, far away (Sweden that is) :P
  17. mariamosh

    Star Wars Pickup Lines

    Re: StarWars Pickup Lines LOL!! especielly liked the "Honey, you've been looking for love in Alderaan places!" ^^
  18. mariamosh

    Horror The Mist

    I saw it at the cinema couple of weeks ago here in Sweden. Thought it was really good, 8 out of 10, and I'm not even a fan of horror movies (my bf talked me into going to this one...). I really liked the acting and the esthetics and it reminded me a lot of Cloverfield, but I dont want to tell...
  19. mariamosh

    DollsHouse and Fringe trailers

    Totally agree. First I thought DollsHouse sounded intreresting when I read about it, but the trailer material looked so...mainstream? boring?
  20. mariamosh

    What is the title of this story???

    Sounds really cool, I badly want to read/see it NOW!!
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