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    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - SPOILERS

    Oh ... My... God.... I just finished the book and what can I say - amazing.
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    Agony Aunts

    Hey! So i just noticed that theres alot of topics popping up asking for help with various situations, so I thought it might be easier just to make one topic dedicated to that were anyone can post. I'm having a bit of a problem at the moment. Quite recently I broke up with my boyfriend, which...
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    Are there any Skins fans out there? Its really hilarious! I can't be the only fan? Plus its got the kid from About A Boy, only he's grown up to become rather nawice :P
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    Final Fantasy Addicts

    I am totally obsessed with the Final Fantasy games and theres not really any official topic here to do with it so calling all Final Fantasy fans! My favourite would probably be VII (7). Ok so the graphics aren't great but the storyline is just brilliant. Also LOVE Advent Children and Dirge of...
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    Just discovered this new film, theres not much info about it except that it will star Michael Vartan! :wub: Source
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    Season 5 The Horizon

    I was just watching The Decent, Season 4 and noticed that The Sphere Of Life appears to be exactly the same as The Horizon. Are they meant to be the same thing - as it would make more sense The Sphere Of Life giving eternal life... or was this just an error.
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    Type With Your Nose

    I got this idea from ' Type With Your Elbows Thread' Try and type something to do with Alias using just your nose. For example : syhdey vrjitolw - sydney bristow
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    His S5 hair

    What did anyone think of Dixon's long braided hair he was sporting in season 5. Personally I liked it, it was really cool, but very un-CIAish, then again thats not really important now i suppose. :P
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    Alias Finale!

    What are you going to do when it comes to the finale? I always say I'm not going to read spoilers but so far I've spoiled every episode so far... but I've promised myself I will not ruin the finale, so please don't tempt me, and if you see me looknig at spoilers, you have permission to yell at...
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    I am trying to decide what subjects to take for my A Levels next year and psychology seems like a really interesting subject. But to be honest I don't really now that much about it, like what exactly does it involve? I any one could perhaps explain it or recommneds taking it I would really...
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    Marshall n Rachel

    is it just me or do Marshall and Rachel have chemistry? They share a lot in common and Marshall always seems to be either comforting her or trying to impress her. It could happen.
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    Richard in Charmed

    I was just watching Charmed and then suddenly relaised the character Richard is Balthazar. He actually has quite an important part and guest starts in a number of episodes.
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    MySpace Thread

    Does anybody know where I can find an Alias MySpace Layout. Or if not, does anyone know how to make one? I'm really desperate to show off my love for the show, but its proving difficult, thanks.
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    The Third Policeman Theory

    Ok so recently the book 'The Third Policeman' was shown on the show. I found this book and read it only to discover it is about a man who is telling his story, and then right at the very end of the book, we find out that he is dead. What if this is some sort of clue, maybe everyone on the island...
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    I recently discovered this new band called Level and there amazing. Very much like Linkin Park, are there any other fans out there?
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    Lost Game

    Simple game, someone posts a picture, you write a funny caption to go with it : Sawyer : Ok, who put cellophane wrap over the toilet seat?
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    Double Take

    I was watching The Golden Globes and realised how much Evangeline Lily and Kate Beckinsale look alike. They could be sisters, what do you think?
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    His exgirlfriend

    I was reading that when Michael moved from France to LA he met this girl. They went out one nite and kissed and the next morning he turned up at her house with coffee and muffins :wub: BUT she turned him away because it was too early :jawdrop: what is she crazy?
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    Licking Your Elbow

    I heard on tv that licking your elbow is impossible, so naturally i tried it - and i can do it! :reallyexcited: Am i just a freak or is there anyone else out there who can do it too?
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    Season 3 The Photo

    I was just watching After Six and it sturck me, when Cole shows Lauren the photo we don't actually get to see whats on it? Was it Syd and Vaughn's kiss in North Korea, or was in perhaps from the video Allison made is season two? I am really dying to know now. What does anyone else think was on it?
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