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  1. J

    the perks of being a wallflower

    anyone read it?
  2. J

    When does ALIAS start in Australia?!

    Go to the worldwide forum and then Australian Addicts Unite!!! we're guessing after Lost and DH are 7 DIE!
  3. J

    Napoleon Dynamite!

    the funniest movie ever! someone must've seen it and loved it?? "i dunno, build her a cake or something!"
  4. J

    Will and Grace in Australia!

    channel 7 better not kill this like they are trying to do to alias!! jay, you should/might know!?
  5. J

    His accent!

    anyone heard his real accent? as in when he's not playing Sark....
  6. J

    Gartan.... anybody else moving on?

    i used to think that Gartan was the be all and end all. i was totally hooked on their relationship. Even when BA first came into the picture i was still positive that it was not over. i was not willing or ready to give up but lately i've been getting over it, slowly. sure, seeing them together...
  7. J

    S3 DVD release in Australia?

    HMV says that its released November 22 but EzyDVD says December 1........What do you think?? it better be sooner rather than later
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