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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    We Need To Talk About Kevin - Lionel Shriver
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Apologize - One Republic
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    Worst Movies Ever

    Practical Magic and Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen :sleep:
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    Random #285

    ^ I know exactly how you feel!!! I'm not being bigheaded when I say I think I'm quite good looking, I'm a nice person, but I just seem to be repelling people. Its bad aswell since everyone everywhere else seems to be happy and in love. Pffftt. Thanks for adding me on Facebook :happy: How...
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    Random #285

    LMAO! That sounds awesome! I have Facebook: Add me :happy:
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    Random #285

    I love Donnie Darko!! Brilliant film! I went to a party - I backcombed all my hair it took ages but looked quite good. I agree AA has sort of died :sleep:
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    Jen in E!'s Fashion Police

    I think she looks gorgeous! Sometimes I don't understand these fashion 'experts'
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    What movie did you just watch?

    Resident Evil Extinction
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    Final Fantasy Addicts

    Funny you should mention Ruby Weapon Andy, I was playing VII and thought I'd attempt to fight the Ruby Weapon. I have beaten it before, but it took me literally hours to kill. So I'm fighting this time, and I decided to fight with Cait Sith (usually my party has Tifa and Vincent in it). Cait...
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    First Time - Lifehouse
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    Final Fantasy Addicts

    Its a long running debate between fans about Cloud/Aeris. Personally I'm a Cloud/Tifa supporter. Because Cloud had a crush on Tifa before he left to join SOLDIER, and Tifa's in lover with him. They seemed to have more going for them than Cloud did with Aeris.
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    Final Fantasy Addicts

    Aeris was Zack's girlfriend. Zack then left Midgar to go on a mission to Nibelhiem with Cloud, the mission went wrong and both Cloud and Zack were held captive for five years. During this time, Aeris assumed Zack had simply found someone else and moved on. After Zack was killed, Cloud sort of...
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Rockstar - Nickelback
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    Final Fantasy Addicts

    The whole Crisis Core game is up on Youtube. That may save me having to buy a PSP. The ending omg - I mean from the game, I knew it was coming, but it still made me cry!! I've been replaying 7 right now, to me it will always be the best one.
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    Whats with WoW?

    Its very similar, but I still prefer Final Fantasy tbh. Less expensive for the same experience :wink:
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    Fall 2005

    Sorry I've not been here sooner hun but I read the whole thing through in one sitting and I love it!! I loved the twist there at the end!! Austin was a spy as well!
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    Random #285

    Andy not spoken to you in forever!! Haha yeah I'm sort of over the shot thing now. Though my friends still like to bring it up whenever the opportunity presents itself. And you got XII - woo!! I'll agree its definetly not my favourite of the series, but it ain't bad. Don't worry Lizzie -...
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    Final Fantasy Addicts

    :welcome: Advent Children is may favourite film. I'm glad you enjoyed it even without having played the game. I can see why that would be confusing lol. I've been watching the trailers for Crisis Core which looks amazing. Its the Prequel to FFVII where you play as Zack and its his story...
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    Elena's fan here =)

    Hey there! :welcome: to AA! Sorry to hear your not enjoying Season 5. Personally Season 2 is my fav, thou Season 4 with Elena was excellent too ^_^
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