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  1. arohk

    Sci-Fi why no female storm troopers?

    there were other females in ESB there was the rebel officer who ordered the ion cannon to be fired there was also a couple on Bespin who were women one was credited also Zuckuss and E-3PO were both played by Cathy Munro I believe that they were the only ones in the movie.
  2. arohk

    Photos Of My Costume

    I moved them to a different Photobucket album I will have to reload them
  3. arohk

    Sci-Fi How Would Aliens And Humans Mate??? Any Ideas?

    I agree Evolution has been proven there is no doubt as far as sci-fi there needs to be a true scientific backing to movies/shows like the Star Trek movie where the producer wanted to show the way space really is with no sound although an entire movie or show like that wouldn't work it did give...
  4. arohk

    Comedy Pet Humor / Funny Animals

    and that is why my lab is not allowed in the kitchen :)
  5. arohk

    Photos Of My Costume

    As far as I remember the costume was only used in a new hope :)
  6. arohk

    Sci-Fi How Would Aliens And Humans Mate??? Any Ideas?

    there have been a few movies/shows that had the idea of sex between races done Star Trek, the clone wars with the ex-clone trooper married, star quest and the list goes on.
  7. arohk

    Animation Star Wars Rebels

    will be watching this one when it comes I really liked the clone wars cartoon
  8. arohk

    Photos Of My Costume

    Hey all just wanted to show off some photos of my Rebel Fleet Trooper outfit I was at a local toy show and a friend asked me to stop by his store he wanted shots of me displaying his star wars stuff for sale. I am really pleased about the way it came out
  9. arohk

    Fantasy Once Upon a Time

    it's a very cool show me and the wife watch it
  10. arohk

    A Star Wars Stormtrooper poem

    I was sitting here and decided I was going to do a short poem entitled "A Star Wars Stormtrooper". Hope you all enjoy it as much as I had writting it. I will add more if I can think of more :). here I sit alone and blue thinking of a stormie I once knew He joined the empire it's what he knew...
  11. arohk

    Sci-Fi Could the universe be a hologram?

    It is a hologram and I am still watching you all might have to sell it on ebay though anyone interested lol
  12. arohk

    New guy

    Hi and welcome to the group it is a great place here :)
  13. arohk

    Sci-Fi Transformers: Age of Extinction

    I hear what you mean Kevin it is like the movie movie pacific rim not the greatest but good if you want something that you can just sit and watch when there is nothing better to do. I am more just wanting to see the dinobots :)
  14. arohk

    hello all

    thanks guys it's good to be back talking with you all :)
  15. arohk

    Please Don't Kill Me

    thanks ElderKnight for that I will have to start seeing what I can do again :)
  16. arohk

    New member and the nuclear bomb

    hello and welcome to the group :)
  17. arohk

    Sci-Fi Transformers: Age of Extinction

    I think it will be pretty cool myself.
  18. arohk

    Please Don't Kill Me

    I will have to give that a try. I never took any real schooling in creative writing or anything like that so any help I get is welcomed :)
  19. arohk

    I can't believe this is free

    very cool how do I get a copy of the book
  20. arohk

    Please Don't Kill Me

    Hi nice to meet you I will deffenitly check out your blog site as I am a huge fan of sci-fi and am also trying to write a novel myself but have a hard time getting what's in my head onto paper if that makes sense.
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