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  1. J

    Australian Addicts 5

    howdy all! fill me in on the news? when the heck is s5 getting it's ass here?
  2. J

    Us Aussies Hate Channel Seven (4)

    Just because you've seen the episodes doesn't mean you couldn't protest outside Ch7...aka have philosophical rants with security guards about why it's raining!!
  3. J

    Us Aussies Hate Channel Seven (4)

    i feel a need for another infiltration of martin place studios.....seriously.
  4. J

    Us Aussies Hate Channel Seven (4)

    SAGE! how u going? I was slowly realising how unhealthy it was to spend sooo much time on here and as a result forgot about it....out of sight, out of mind! and then i reached an all new level of boredom slash procrastination today and hesitantly typed in and HERE I AM! Any...
  5. J

    Us Aussies Hate Channel Seven (4)

    I AM ALIVE!! So its August already and still no S5. Whats the go? Anyone? Anyone?
  6. J

    yes, another newbie

    hi! welcome...have fun posting.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. J

    Who Here Is Ready For Alias To Start?

    yr australia we're only up to ep7 of s4!!! season 5 doesn't even register with me yet..!! welcome.
  8. J

    hey guys

    hi! welcome.....have funnnnnnnnn
  9. J

    Hello! Another Fan

    hi! welcome to aa! have fun!
  10. J

    Hey, I'm new, and lovin it

    welcome to aa! have fun!
  11. J

    Us Aussies Hate Channel Seven (4)

    um............................................i hate channel seven...yeh, thats it!
  12. J

    Australian Addicts Unite 3

    HAHAHAHAA!! yeah, its one of the good ones...another one i've got syd goes under-cover in a sorority and they go on vacation to hawaii and she's pretty much ditzy etc....infiltration is classsic! bloody anna espinosa as well... glad you liked it man...after all that bloody frustration of aust...
  13. J

    Australian Addicts Unite 3

    i love how were all so patriotic of our states.
  14. J

    Australian Addicts Unite 3

    OMG! yessssssssssssssssssss. talk about finally....hurry up and finish reading it, i wanna hear what u think. australia post i now love you oooh i got a new laptop tooo....its an iBook and i'm in love with it. that is ridiculous. channel seven you suck. Biiiiiiiiiiiiig time. i don't...
  15. J

    Australian Addicts Unite 3

    HAHA! Clearly that is seriously THE coolest name in the history of all cool usernames! p.s Luce - i remembered i did put my address on it, so if it's lost somewhere, hopefully i'll get it back and can re-send it. thats if i wrote yr address wrong. MAN THIS IS felgercarb.
  16. J

    Australian Addicts Unite 3

    are you serious? it hasn't arrived yet and its wednesday?
  17. J

    Australian Addicts Unite 3

    the address you pm'd me! i sooooo wish i'd put my address on it case i wrote yr address if i've lost that book i'll cry
  18. J

    Aussie Rules?

  19. J

    Kanye West

    hahaha. yeah, its pretty good!
  20. J

    Australian Addicts Unite 3

    sleep is a good good thing. lately i haven't been getting enough, thankfully i've got a lot in reserve! Dear Australia Post, as far as i'm concerned, you suck and can die. Regards..JP
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