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    Vartanho has new pics of Jen on the set of Elektra here.
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    Connie and Carla

    After seeing David Duchovny (my husband!! Dont' tell Teá Leoni) on Leno tonight, I thought i'd find out how many of you are going to Connie and Carla. I am completely obsessed with David and will be ther when the movie opens April 16th, will you? Here is a summary about the movie taken from the...
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    X-Files 2

    I found this at Dark Horizons Duchovny Says "X-Files 2" Happening While promoting his comedic turn in the upcoming "Connie and Carla", our LA correspondent on the ground Paul Fischer asked co-star David Duchovny whether the much-rumoured "X-Files" movie is likely to happen, and to everyone's...
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    Passions Spoilers

    March 31 - April 2 Wednesday Kay laments to Tabitha. Tabitha gets a shock when she reads Kay's tealeaves. Charity struggles without Miguel. Pilar gets more bad news. Theresa learns that Ethan and Gwen are adopting her son. Theresa slaps Ethan. Gwen begins the surrogacy process. Sheridan...
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    Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

    Here are some spoilers for upcoming episodes taken from Soapsite March 23 - 26 Tuesday Alice finds Doug's puzzling note. Marlena goes to the cemetery armed with a letter opener. Celeste warns Hope of imminent danger. Bonnie buys a mechanical bull for the bar. Wednesday Abby finds a mysterious...
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    Season 3 Did anyone else notice?

    At the begining of this episode when the buliding is being cleared out, the stairwell that everyone is running up and down is the same one used in "Truth Takes Time" when Vaughn and Sark fight, and Vaughn gets shot. I don't know why I even caught on to it, but I rewatched the scenes in both...
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    I just saw the Matrix Revolutions

    The movie was really good and I plan on seeing it a few more times this week, But for those of you who want some spoilers i'll give you the big ones, if you don't want spoilers go away. <!--SPOILER BEGIN--><div onClick="openClose('7ce6021653e13c218548782731ea1f4e')" style="font-weight...
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    Season 3 Repercussions

    I found this at Vartanho. Previously on Alias: Sydney watching the video of her assassinating the Covenant dude, "Julia" meets Simon, Simon sees the picture of Vaughn and Sydney together, Vaughn is caught and about to be shot, Sydney stabs Vaughn and sends him tumbling down the hill. Three...
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    Season 5 Sloane

    What do you think happens to Sloane in Repercussions? He looks pretty bad here.
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    People Mag quote

    I just got the October 13th issue of people and on the last page (148) there is a quote from Michael Vartan, on the status of his relatoinship with Jennifer Garner. He said "She's my girlfriend. End of story." I thought that was so cute and felt the need to share. Also the is a pic of Jen and...
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    Check this out. C:\Documents and Settings\391031\Local Settings\Temp\WordWebPagePreview\jen2.htm Does she look pregnant to you guys? Eryn
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