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    I Dare You

    Hiya. I have just read You, Because of You, and the beginning of I dare You in 3 days! I have loved them all and was wondering if i could get a pm when you update this? I dont normally read syd/vaughn but your writing is too good not to read! em
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    the ties that bind

    ah i have just read this all! i lvoed it so much. have you written a sequel at all? could you possibly tell me where it is if it exists? thank you! em x
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    Beautiful Disaster

    omg i have just read all of this and i love it. could i please have a pm when you update it? i'm hooked! em x
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    Biffy Clyro

    Just for those who may not know, Biffy Clyro are a scottish 3-peice from just outside Glasgow. The band consists of Simon Neil (guitar and vocals), and brothers Ben(Drums and vocals) and James Johnston (Bass and vocals). They are my favourite band and have been for a long time. They are...
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    Kaiser Chiefs

    I love the kaiser Chiefs! i havent managed to by their album yet but i want it soooooooooo bad. i love i predict a riot, and oh my god - its so catchy!!! M - stands for Em and Music!
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    Last CD you bought?

    The Futureheads - The Futureheads I cant get enough of Decent Days and Nights! M
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    omg! i actually cried. that was beautiful. i loved the twist at the end. your writing is so good!!! luv moi xx
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    Into The Gray

    omg!!!! this is so good. *stunned and amazed* *an original writer with so many good fics and ideas* im off 2 read the rest of your fics now! luv moi xx
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    i'm so sorry for not replying in ages. i have been at boarding school and i cant get on to allalias there so i have to read it in massive chuncks when i get home which isnt often. i am loving it so much. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. im here 4 the next 4 weeks so ill b able to read any new...
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    Letting Go, Holding On

    i loved the ending so much. it ws beatifully written and you can tell jsut from reading it how much you believe. i am trying to find God at the moment and i am finding it so hard but i know that He is there and will help me through it and He does have a plan for me. i just need to pay attention...
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    awwwwwwwww that was so sweet! i can just see the confrontation in chinatown coming right now! lol ukaliaschick :scotsman:
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    My Kind of Rock

    i have only a few bands that i have bought thier cds of *ahem* but i generally listen to the rock stuff on the radio. its only on late night wehich sucks tho. so does my typing. blink 182 rage against the machine metallica offspring good charlotte linkin park evanescence alkaline trio new...
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    I Knew I Loved You

    omg! thry r so cute! i wanna c vaughn ask syd 2 the dance! ukaliaschick :scotsman:
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    Triple Agent

    hey can i get a pm when u update? ukaliaschick :scotsman:
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    Girl Next Door

    thankx 4 the update! 3 words 2 say: interesting, very interesting ukaliaschick :scotsman:
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    I Knew I Loved You

    i loved all the new chapters. i cnt believe that i hadnt been on here for so long! i hadnt read any of the high school chapters! i didnt evenn know that they were going to high school. oh well my ignorance is my fault. i need to change my homepage. please update when u can1 ukaliaschick :scotsman:
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    yay!!!!!! the date has landed. joey is so sweet. hope ur school work is going ok. ukaliaschick :scotsman:
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    thankee 4 the update!! have just read through the whole story agsin to refresh my memory but thats no bad thing cause it is such a pleasure to read. i totally understand with all of the school work and stuff. i am applying for schols rite now as my next 2 years opf school are totally up in the...
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    Nothing Is What It Seems - Part 2

    love the story. can i get a pm when u update? ukaliaschick :scotsman: p.s. soz 4 the short update but my mum thinks that i am revising 4 my exams and she is in the next room
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    woho!!!!! for me its a toss up between pirates and rotk. both excellent movies. i wish i could see all of the movies that had been nominated but it would cost me a fortune that i dont have. cant wiat until oscar nite. ukaliaschick :scotsman:
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