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    For once i would like to CHEER!!!!!!!!! My god! Today's episode really did it!! NO SV AT ALL!!!! HAHAHA!!!! Its so refreshing seeing that. Finally some room from wadia and the beginning of the end to the boring, stale and so DEAD SV!!!! HAHAHAHA HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!! SV'S GOING DOWN...
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    Season 4 Sydney and Vaughn

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! YOU GO JJ!!!! :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: The fact that SV is NOT in the epi proves that they have finally moved on with the old and boring not to mention DEAD SV!!!! HAHAHHAHAH!!!! CONGRATS JJ!!! Thanks for the fresh...
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    A song dedication To Lauren

    There's this song that I find which is very suitable to be related to Lauren. The meaning behind the lyrics depicts that if i could go back time, i would nevr make the mistakes i've made and love you forever. I genuinely believed that Vaughn truly loved Lauren and Lauren really loved Vaughn. If...
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    Anti-Vaughn club

    AGREED!!! HE'S SUCH A WOMENIZER AND SHOULD BE KILLED!!!! LET ME JOIN!!!!! DiVAS! UNITE! Down with *yawn!!* YAWN!!! Give up SV shippers, SV IS SO yesterday and SO DEAD!
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    I'm bringing this topic back to life and keep posting everyday!!! DOWN WITH SV!!!! DiVAS!! UNITE!! Yawn is such a playboy and such a hippocrite! I hate him!! Coulnt he stay true to ONE women?!! I HATE him when he betrayed syd for the 1st time, then, he HAS to go and betray and KILL his OWN...
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    Deadly Assasination Squad

    Forget it nightrose, they are just some stupid and childish sv shippers who is not satisfied with the VL paring and it pisses them off. If they are so keen of this DAS to kill MG, let em be. 'll start a DiVAS to kill vaughn and sydney ala Romeo and Juliet Style.
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    Weiss Quotes

    mine would have to be "If we end up sharing a cell in the federal prison, i'm NOT giving you a drawer" and "Eric Wiess. 38, single"
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    What country would u like 2 c syd visit?

    somewhere in the middle east or perhaps at Johor Bahru, in Malaysia. theres this heavily secured building i've seen that would play out right for another 1 of their covert missions. WOW!
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    Season 4 I Miss Lauren!

    I MISS HER TOO!@!@! I was dying to have her back!!! It was hard for em to watch that scene as it breaks my heart knowing that she is really dead..... I WANT HER BACK!!!!
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    Lauren's Tribute~~Rest in Peace...

    :no: before i begin...... THIS IS FOR LAUREN LOVERS ONLY!!! NO INSULTING WORDS OR COMMENTS!!! She's already dead.....*sobs**sniffs* let her have her peace and stop slamming her. :( :( Lauren was my fav character in S3. I loved her so much....... its a shame that she had to die....Lauren, I'll...
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    Season 4 S/V relationship - or lack there of

    as much as I respect SV shippers opinion of 'not enough SVness', I would also like to emphasize on the magnitude of SVness compared to the relationship that are still developing, aka Wadia. For 3 seasons SV has been the focui of the show and all of us know that both of them are in love with each...
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    petition (NON s/v shippers)

    :lol: MY GOD!!! I WANNA SIGN!!! :up: I agree, SV really SUCKS BIG TIME! Both of them makes me wanna vomit since season 3 onwards. I really dont know why. But now, I feel that they should give some room for wadia and maybe a bit of sarkney. SV is so yesterday and SO DEAD! I truly support the move...
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    Season 4 S/V relationship - or lack there of

    MY GOSH YOU GUYS ARE UNBELIEVEABLE!!! :angry: For the fu*k*ing 3 full season the SV shipping has been hogging the lime light. Let some room for wadia to come in. Personally, SV SUCKS! they are better off NOT be together. If they are so lovey dovey for each other, GET HITCHED!!! But.... NO! S/L...
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    Lauren Is NOT Dead!

    :P :P :P :P NOT!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
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    Lauren Is NOT Dead!

    Hm.... good theory.... but filled with loopholes, i doub i coould answer that queation u proposed, but nevertheless, SAB47 project had not been explained properly except that its a project to kill Irina. What DID syd see? What did lauren mean by, "we are both pawns in the same game" and "you...
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    Lauren Is NOT Dead!

    :blush: sorry for the kinda rude post or tone, if i sound rude lah.... :D You are right about some things, MG have no chemistry with MV, her acting was stale at some point, her story was too draggy and too many things about her that was not explained enough. Her character was one of the...
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    Lauren Is NOT Dead!

    I don't care what all Lauren-Haters think. The show is great with her, If she come back as a regular, it would be fantastic as it would bring complications and conflict to Syd and Vaughn's life. Lauren is great and unless we have an official word form JJ or ABC or MG herself, there is a chance...
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    Lauren Is NOT Dead!

    You know, after reading so many biased post about ppl who hate lauren because she married vaughn, it really made me feel angry and had to make sure that Lauren survive vaughn's shooting. After rewatching the finale, I've found evidence that she might not be dead at all, YEAH!!!! :lol: :lol...
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    Alias Chain #2

    :P Heros in a love battlefield is defined as selfless actions that leads to own suffering, Lauren is such person.
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    Season 5 New spoiler

    :P :P :P :P SHE WILL BE BACK!!!!!!! :up: :up: :up: :P :P :P LONG LIVE LAUREN!!!!! LONG LIVE V/L!!!!! SHE WILL BE BACK!!!!
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