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    Random 226

    Continuing from Random 225 :D
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    Season 3 Too Much Information

    Is it just me or did you guys find that there were lots of loose ends at the end of this episode? Yeah, I know that it's the season finale, and not everything is going to be answered, but, it seemed like they had too much information to put in and got lost along the way. At the beginning of the...
  3. A Role Playing Game #4

    We've had over 975 pages of fun with our RPG, and now here is the fourth thread! Everyone is welcome to join :D <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Master List</span> Official Website - made by corrvine Cast List: Maximum three characters!! Sydney Bristow 2300844 - Sydney /...
  4. A Role Playing Game #3

    I've started a new thread as we've reached 325 pages on the last one. So far, we've had 650 pages so far! Everyone is welcome to join! We always look forward to having new people here! As Anna says ... we're not nerds ... just a little addicted and bored! Here's the master list. I still have...
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    It's Over....

    So the finale aired tonight.... I noticed that they bought back a lot of things from previous seasons, the chick + duck, Pheobe's cab, the Foozball table, etc. Do you think that all the loose ends were taken care of? How did you like the season finale?
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    Season 3 Nadia

    Your thoughts ... ? Personally, I really like her so far, I think that she'll be a great addition to the cast ^_^
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    Finale Airdate

    The official finale airdate has been announced, you can read the article here! May 23rd ... that's so long!
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    Losing Grip

    Synopsis: Sydney wakes up one morning to find herself thrown back into time. She’s in 17th century England, she has a twin sister, she’s engaged to be married to Julian Sark, she finds out that the love of her life is engaged to be married to her worst enemy, and she’s a princess! No one knows...
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    A/N:Hey everyone! This is my first fan-fiction, so please don’t flame me if it sucks ^_^ . I’m sorry if this idea has already been done, I haven’t seen it but I’m assuming it has. Please review and tell me what you think. It is during Sydney’s missing years, with some twists and turns along...
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    Season 5 Kristin's Latest Chat (29/03/04)

    Here, this was just posted over at SPOILERS amanda2378 asks: Alias please! I hate Lauren even more than before. Not to mention her mother! Any word on her storyline? Kristin replies: SPOILER ALERT! I hear she'll get much, much more despicable before she gets better ... Our...
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm August =) I've been on this site for a couple months, but I just regestered today. So, just wanted to say hi to everyone! :heart: :blowakiss:
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