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    Anyone working/attending at a Summer Camp 2005?

    Hi! I'm from Australia and this year will be my first time working at a summer camp in the USA! I've never been overseas before.....very excited! I would love to hear from anyone else working at a summer camp this year or who will be attending one! Who knows....we might be at the same camp...
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    Camp USA/Camp America

    Hi everyone! I've just found out this afternoon that I have been accepted in to the Camp USA program!!!!!!! I'm going to be a camp counselor for Summer 2005! I was wondering if anyone else has applied or has done the camp counselor thing in the past because I would love to hear your...
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    Kelly's Flash Av Shop

    Hi! Do you have a fave little scene from Alias seasons 1 and 2? Would you like this scene to be your avatar? An example of a video I have done is in my av right now. The size of my av will be the size of yours. This sizing complies with the Signature and Avatar rules for AA. The length can...
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    Hello from Around the World!

    Hi everyone! Thought since we had so many different worldwide threads, that it would be cool if we all met! I'm Kelly, I'll be 20 this year and from Brisbane, Australia! Look forward to meeting you all! Kelly
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    William Hung

    How popular is William Hung?! Are you a fan??? I think he is absoloutly adorable! Kelly
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    Fave Movie Songs

    Songs and music really set the tone of movies, which, in turn, produce great soundtracks! Do you have any fave songs that have been in movies? Right now, I'm loving 'My Ain True Love' from Cold Mountain, ever since I saw the performance at the Oscars!!!! Kelly
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    Ever had weird dreams? Dreams that have come true? Oh just plain funny ones? Please post dreams or thoughts here! Kelly
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    Please Help my Cousin

    Hey y'all! I was wondering if I could ask a favour of everyone. My cousin has entered an Australian modeling competition, and needs votes! If you have the time, could please click on the link below Vote Here!!! And in the search box type Alana F, her picture should come up and click on View...
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    Songs You Just Can't Get Out Of Your Head

    Which songs have got you seeing ALL day because you just can't simply get them out of ya head?! When I hear 'Shut Up' by the Black Eyed Peas, it never leaves me lol!!! Kelly
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    Lena News In Australia

    This was posted in the Brisbane Sunday Mail Tv Guide (Sun. 23rd Nov). "Sulty European star Lena Olin who played Jennifer Garner's mum on the hit spy drama Alias, has chosen not to return to the show. The actress who recently starred opposite Harrison Ford in the police comedy Hollywood...
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    Australian Idol

    Heya everyone! I am a fan of Australian Idol and was wondering if any other Alias fans were as well!!! Kelly
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    Hi! I am not quite sure where I should have posted this thread but anyways. Jennifer Garner wasn't able to defeat David Boreanaz in the semi-finals of the zap2it Showdown of the Stars. Read the story here at|1|,00.html Kelly
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    Hi Everyone!

    Heya everybody! I am new to the forums and absoloutly LOVE the new series of "Alias"!!! I am a huge S/V shipper and just loved the latest episode "Double Agent". I usually can't stand Coldplay songs but I love "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face"...that may have something to do with the fact that it...
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    Season 2 Just Shown in Oz

    Yay! This episode was finally shown last night on Aussie Tv! I thought it was a fantastic episode - then again, I am a MAJOR shipper so I was probably a bit biased! Ethan Hawke was great as a guest star!
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