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    Hi everybody! I'm new here

    Hi syd is my hero! I'm Peri and :welcome: to AA!
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    i'm new

    Hi mrvartanfan! I'm Peri and :welcome: to AA!
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    hi i am new

    :welcome: to AA! I'm Peri ^_^ Hope you have fun here and see you around! :hi:
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    Politics the death penalty

    I'm against the death penalty. If a person is accused of commiting murder, and they're sentenced to the death penalty, but they didn't really do it, then they'll die for a crime they didn't even commit. There was a case in Canada where a man was accused of killing someone, and was sentenced to...
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    Random 251

    Wow I haven't randomed in a loooong time :crazy: Anyone here? *looks around*
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    The Bourne Identity ;)
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    What's ur current most fav song?

    Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
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    Je suis une newbie

    :welcome: to AA keeks! I'm Peri ^_^ Yep, this site is verrrry addicting :yes: Hope you have fun here and see you around!
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    New Member

    :welcome: to AA! I'm Peri ^_^ Hope you have fun here and see you around!
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    2004 Olympic Games

    Yay for Canada getting a silver medal in women's trampolines! :up: We now have ... 2 medals. Ah well, the winter Olympics are more our thing. And last night, was I the only one that thought that the Russian gymnast (who's name is escaping me right now ... ) that came in 2nd after Carly...
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    First Daughter

    When I read a synopsis for it I thought it sounded a lot like Chasing Liberty, which came out earlier this year :blink:
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    Quey Loves Spying ;-)

    :welcome: to AA Quey! I'm Peri ^_^ Hope you have fun here and see you around!
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    Random 250

    Ooh cool! What's your story about? Thanks! :D I loove Audrey Hepburn ^_^
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    2004 Olympic Games

    Yay! The Canadian water polo team beat the Americans :up: Did that really happen Kewii? I didn't know that our mens rowing team was disqualified :mellow: That sucks!
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    Random 250

    Hey Padme! What's up?
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    Season 4 4.3 Title

    Why oh why does january have to be so far away? :thud: Interesting title, though ... awful truth ... it sounds depressing almost. :ph34r: :ponder:
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    Random 250

    Anyone here? :ph34r:
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters - Mandy Moore and now -- Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
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    Young Love

    Ahhh! Sorry I missed all these chapters, I was on vacation with no internet for the past few days :angry: I loved the chapter! She's JG and he's MV - Syd that's such an original and cute idea! Can't wait for the next chapter! :jump:
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    Best hair color for sydney?

    Any hair colour would look good on JG I think :yes: But I voted for blonde!
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