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  1. Simon Tall

    The Last Englishman and the Bubble - New SF novel

    The Last Englishman and the Bubble - a dystopian SF novel... Is Kris the last man on Earth? Why does he live in a shack on a lonely Norfolk beach? What happened to the love of his life Samantha? How does he survive alone in a desolate England populated by packs of wild dogs? What event caused...
  2. Simon Tall

    My new novella published if you want to look...

    Hi My new novella, 'Jones and the Big Jump' was published today, it's an ebook if you want to check it out. It's part space opera, part time travel. Hopefully you will like it... Go here Cheers!
  3. Simon Tall

    hello from England

    Hi I am Simon a tall person from England - looking forward to meeting people here. Anyone want to send me a message and explain a few things I ought to know about this site? (Try my new free ebook - Let me know what you think) Simon
  4. Simon Tall

    Try my new sci fi free ebook please?

    Hello, I have published a free Sci Fi ebook - you can get it at the following website: - or it is available at IBooks, Diesel, Stanza. It is short story called 'Jones and the Mammoths' and more will appear soon featuring the character...
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