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    All Sydney's Aliases?

    I just wondered if there was a compendium or list someone has kept of every Alias Sydney has ever used, and which episodes she used them in... if she ever used one more than once, that sort of thing. Since it's trivia, I figured that was a good place to put this question!
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    Nadia's age?

    Is Nadia older or younger than Sydney? Did Sydney grow up with Nadia, and would Jack have assumed Nadia was his child? Forgive me if there is another place on the site that addresses this, as well as that I am so far behind on episodes.
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    SV Shippers, fave episodes for tender moments?

    I am a new Alias fan, and have just finished watching season one. Can you tell me your favorite SV shipper episodes and moments between Sydney and Vaughn? I'm really enjoying the tension they have in season one, and already have several favorite moments. Sadly, because I dont own the DVDs...
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