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  1. Kevin

    UFO Chinese military working on "UFO" helicopter

    CNN has a story about a new helicopter that the Chinese military is working on called the "Super Great White Shark" and... it's a UFO. :ufo: It was posted this week, October, so it's not an "April Fool's" joke and it was on display at a Chinese helicopter expo so either this is a real...
  2. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Bumblebee (2018) [Transformers]

    This weekend I watched Bumblebee from 2018, the Transformers prequel movie that takes place back in 1987 before all of the Michael Bay movies. I have to admit, it was much better than I thought it was going to be. I was expecting it to be another Bay movie with stereotyped characters, lens...
  3. Kevin

    Styles Tweaks (use attachments for og:image & others)

    Kevin submitted a new resource: Styles Tweaks (use attachments for og:image & others) - Options for several meta tags and miscellaneous display tweaks. Read more about this resource...
  4. Kevin

    Superheroes Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

    The 2018 release of Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse hit Netflix this week and, of course, I had to watch it. With the speakers cranked up while Mrs. Kevin was away it was quite a fun movie. (y) Growing up in the 70's I was an avid Marvel fan with Spider-man being my preferred reading so...
  5. Kevin

    Sci-Fi I am Mother (2019, Netflix)

    I am Mother is another film Netflix picked up at Sundance and will be premiering this year on June 7. In a post apocalyptic world AI machines care for the only surviving embryos of mankind. As they raise a girl to adulthood, in preparation of bringing back humans to a devastated world, a woman...
  6. Kevin

    The Indian Army claims to have Yeti footprints

    Um, yeah....
  7. Kevin

    Books Microsoft closes their e-Books store, removes access to already purchased books

    My only question is.... Microsoft had an e-book store?! :unsure:
  8. Kevin

    Horror "Zombie" Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) Somebody over at Cameraderie posted some photos from a 'zombie walk' and one of the pics caught my attention... a zombie 🧟 version of Dee Snider from Twisted Sister! :LOL:🤘
  9. Kevin

    R.I.P. Stan Lee, dead at 95

    As somebody who grew up reading Marvel comics as a kid Stan Lee had quite an impact on me. The last few years has a been bit rough for Lee, may he rest in peace.
  10. Kevin

    For Sale If anybody needs one, really cheap Canon wi-fi laser printer on Amazon right now.

    If anybody needs a cheap laser printer, Amazon has a Canon wi-fi laser printer on sale right now for $69.99 but if you click the "Coupon" checkbox you can get an extra $30.01 off for an end price of just $39.98 before tax. If you're a Prime member you can get free shipping as well. For me...
  11. Kevin

    Google Home Assistant - Halloween Easter Egg Commands 👻

    Halloween is almost upon us, time to have some fun with Google Assistant! :ghost: Your Google Assistant, either on your phone or Google Home device, recognizes several Halloween related commands and, only when it's close to Halloween, will respond accordingly. Commands often have a few...
  12. Kevin

    Advertising at Alien Soup - October, 2018

    Well, here we here, getting close to the end of another year at Alien Soup. We've gone through some changes in recent years, with a name change and new design, but some things remain the same. In particular.... still no advertising! (y) Every so often the topic about displaying ads here at...
  13. Kevin

    Drama Hunter Killer (2018)

    I just got an email tonight from Movie Tavern that some of you might be interested in.... on October 24 some of the Movie Tavern locations are having a free screening of the movie Hunter Killer with Gerard Butler. The actual premiere date is October 26 so *IF* your local Movie Tavern is...
  14. Kevin

    Music What are your preferred ways of discovering new music?

    As I get older I find myself listening to broadcast radio a lot less than I used to. The few stations that I do listen to tend to be channels that are either "oldies" stations or stations that, though they play music that crosses different genres, they still tend to be mostly songs that are not...
  15. Kevin

    Web Stuff Google is shutting down Google+ to the public

    After several years of trying to position Google+ as a social network alternative to the likes of Facebook, Google has announced that it is shutting down the service to the general public after a serious data breach has been exposed. Google+ shutting down after data leak affecting 500,000 users...
  16. Kevin

    Tech Smart Homes & Video Doorbells (Nest, Alexa, WeMo, and so on)

    It's 2018 and, as a tech geek, I'm way behind the curve when it comes to using tech in the house beyond just gadgets. Sure, there lots, and I do mean lots, of gadgets in our house like tablets, phones, laptops, desktops, TVs, various audio components, and other shiny things but none of them...
  17. Kevin

    Computers Connecting a 5.25" floppy drive to a modern laptop?

    I find myself working on a little project that I never thought I'd be doing.... trying to save data off of a large volume of 5.25" floppy disks! :eek: Mrs. Kevin and her Dad both have data on several old computers that they'd like to recover. The oldest computer is a 286 AT! Yikes. If they...
  18. Kevin

    Foodies The "Those of us trying to lose weight" thread.... ☺️

    I know I'm not alone in our little group here of trying to lose some weight so let's talk about it! Who else is working on a weight loss goal? What methods have you tried or are planning on it? What tips do you have for others? What has worked for you? For me I started in earnest August...
  19. Kevin

    Collectibles Ghostbusters Logo Wall Hanging

    One of the more recent additions to my work cube, a Ghostbusters Logo wall hanging! :ghost: Yeah, it's cheap plastic item but I found it at a local flea market and it helps to brighten up the walls. It's about 12" from edge to edge and I have it hanging on a wall column so it definitely...
  20. Kevin

    Foodies LaCroix sparkling water - What's the big deal about it?

    Recently I've started to really cut back on my eating habits and part of that is to drink a lot more water. Plain water gets boring after drinking multiple bottles a day so I picked up a case of LaCroix sparkling water to see what the hype was about it. And... I don't get it, it's just...
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