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  1. blur

    The #1 Misconception About HJ Is...

    ... well, what do YOU think it is? Personally, I think it's the way we have people arrive every month, thinking HJ is going to be this amazing transition between Simu's existing games and the world of MMOs. Oh there'll be tiered servers, they cry. And we'll have these really amazing, niche RP...
  2. blur

    Lost to LotRO

    Well folks, even though I was in LotRO closed beta and thought the game was OK, it didn't get me buzzing. Fast-forward to the recent open beta, with 20-odd Crescent Order members running riot, and I couldn't get enough. I am totally addicted. You've probably been wondering where I've been. I'm...
  3. blur

    Blur Does LoTRO

    With the NDA lifted, it's cool to talk LoTRO. I'll try and make this an interesting thread with pictures and comments. Let's start with the character screen. I built this guy based on the literary character, Flashman. He's the star of some of the most un-PC books ever written =D=
  4. blur

    How big is the LoTRO beta?

    Got my LoTRO invite... but am wondering how large the download is?
  5. blur

    New Game Opens On TCO Forums

    Just thought I'd let you guys know, I'm running a new "guess the movie" game on one of the public parts of TCO's forum called 'The Commons'. I post a screenshot, you guess the movie. You can see the Commons here: The first installment...
  6. blur

    Anyone Playing Guild Wars?

    I've wanted to play Guild Wars for a LONG time and I'm finally doing it. A few other TCOers are getting back into it (TCO used to field a sizeable little GW team at one time). So this thread isn't about recruiting, per se, but just curious to see if anyone out there was playing and maybe wanted...
  7. blur

    Bioware's "secret" Hero Engine MMO

    So everyone over at the TCO forum is buzzing that Bioware's new MMO, which uses the Hero Engine, is indeed a KOTOR-era game. Your thoughts?
  8. blur

    Why do instances have such a bad name?

    I'm going to crib some text I wrote the other day in a thread and stretch it out into a new topic... You know, I'm kind of annoyed at the way the gaming community, seemingly as a whole, has taken on the concept of instances and decided that they're a Bad Thing(tm)(c) and no one should ever...
  9. blur

    People joining The Crescent Order's forums...

    Leo, Dirk Gently and myself have been really excited to see a number of HH people join our guild's forums. It seems everytime I log on, there's a new HH identity as one of our latest forum members! Now, we understand that the HJ information hasn't been uploaded into the public forums you can...
  10. blur

    Is Zink the new Daax?

    Discuss... :cool:
  11. blur

    News: The Crescent Order to open Hero's Journey branch

    Hail Hero's Hall users, The Crescent Order (TCO) was a guild originally formed for SWG, some years before SWG went live. It was one of the early SWG guilds that the original SWG dev team leader, Raph 'Holocron' Koster famously said wouldn't last beyond the game's launch. In reality, the group...
  12. blur

    What is Bio Ware doing with the HJ engine?

    So Bioware Austin has licensed the HJ engine... anyone want to speculate what they're making with it? Some people suggest SWG2, set during the old republic, a la KOTOR. Other people suggest that's too obvious... what do YOU think?
  13. blur

    How big should a family/guild/grand house be...?

    Just wondering how big a family should be, in game? Are we talking 5-10 people makes for a good family group? Joining two such groups, ie: 10-20 people, makes for a good guild? Then joining several guilds, ie: 40-80 people, makes for a grand house?
  14. blur

    Talk to me about... families

    Guys, how much do we know about families? Like, if I come up with a cool surname, backstory, etc... and I'm playing a human... is it pretty much the case that anyone who wants to be a part of that family has to be human, too? Or do the rules get bent? Or do we not know yet? This seems to...
  15. blur

    What Makes A Good Guild?

    First up before you start reading, I haven't created a guild for HJ... yet. This is just a general discussion; a chance to shoot the breeze in general. [I also don't want to see this hijacked by people with guilds, as this is a theoretical and hypothetical discussion, not recruiting...
  16. blur


    Well, as you can tell from the subject line, yes, I'm an Aussie. My name's Rob, I'm 31 and I live in Sydney. I am absolutely captured by the concept of Hero's Journey and am considering starting my own guild in the lead-up to beta and the game's eventual launch. I started off on the official...
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