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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Aint Yo Bidness - ICP
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    Tutorial Render blending beginnings

    That is a very simple, get you in the door type tut. With sigs like yours I hope you do :-P
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    C & C Hows this?

    It's pretty good. It needs a light source though... I like the b&w look.
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    C & C My most recent signature...

    I like the animated font. Nice touch :thumbs: The background is a bit plain though. But idk with this one if that's a bad thing or not...
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    C & C My 1st attempt ever at a Sig

    Glad it's a wip :P it's pretty empty on the left there :P. Lookin good so far!
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    Yo All

    Lookin forward to seein some of your C4Ds, I'm in need of some new ones :P.
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    BK is back

    Lol, no. I used to be a mod at the long gone SPRenders. Dropped out of the gfx community for a while, didn't have any inspiration and had a lot of stuff going on. now I'm back.
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    BK is back

    I'm a fast poster :P thanks though!
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    C & C Odd World

    Very different. I like it except for the red. Comes off to strong for my liking. I think if you turn the red to transparent and the black thing and text to red it'd look pretty dece.
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    Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay! If you need help with anything don't be afraid to ask!
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    C & C My 1st attempt ever at a Sig

    Better than my 1st. You read tuts before creating it? Read tuts to gain pointers as to what others do to make good sigs.The text is pretty decent.
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    Request B1OHAZARD sig

    :P the more I look at it, the more I like it :)
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    Complete my sentence

    were always playing with toys made by crazy frogs who drink blood with vodka shots that taste like straight booty from ugly disgusting dwarfs who pop zits with chopsticks while licking quickshot in his booty hole which is not clean with boogers that smell like Dookie while looking at manunited's...
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    Three Word Story...

    wtf you sayin?
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    C & C Explosion in Space

    I really like it. How long did it take you to make in apophasis before rendering? To save an image in Apophasis you have to render it, and save the rendered version.
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    Three Word Story...

    Omg you too!
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    C & C Catlick by me.

    I've seen it before, it's been a while though.
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    C & C Catlick by me.

    Lol, I like it a lot! Nice pleasing colors too.
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    C & C Gift for a friend

    Sensory overload... I think there's too many colors in this one. I can tell the render is doing something but Idk what he's doin. I think there's a bit too much goin on in this one. I reallly like the Golum one, this one just seems off.
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    Request B1OHAZARD sig

    Thanks a bunch you two. Still waitin for Ag33zy...
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