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  1. screenersam

    Screen Rant; 10 Scariest Alien Monsters I'd never heard of half of them.
  2. screenersam

    Would Star trek 1970s series been any good?

    guess we'll never know too soon for the 4th network
  3. screenersam

    Horror Religion-Based Horror Movies?

    'Final Sacrifice' was the MST3K cult movie. hero was Rowsdower.
  4. screenersam

    Horror Religion-Based Horror Movies?

    probly Prophecy / Left Behind I believe it will come down reeeeeal soon like
  5. screenersam

    Horror Religion-Based Horror Movies?

    not much of a fan of the genre I like the Hammer vampire stuff with church references 'Santos and the Vampire Women' had some interesting spiritual content. MST3K did that. speaking of MST there was a Canadian flick about cultists chasing a boy; he was rescued by some guy with a mustache...
  6. screenersam

    Space Hubble Telescope News

    reminds me of the Galaxy Being from the old Outer Limits
  7. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Need a movie title

    sounds like Twilight Zone episode 'The Little People'
  8. screenersam

    Shocktober 2019 Watchlist

    any Kolchak the Night Stalker is recommended (see avatar) Twin Peaks not exactly spooky but always a good watch; does have some supernatural content season 3 has some weird moments and MST3K is always fun (haven't seen the new version)
  9. screenersam

    Shocktober 2019 Watchlist more here
  10. screenersam

    Comic Book Project I'm working on

    Black Swimmer The note Janie had dreaded was in her mailbox one Tuesday afternoon three weeks into the semester. Be at the Job Assignment Office Blah Blah Tuesday (today) at three thirty pm sucks to be you ha ha. She knew better than to blow it off; she'd heard about suspensions and stuff...
  11. screenersam

    Comic Book Project I'm working on

    your logical analysis hurts my brain...;) linque to incinerating toilet How Waterless Toilets Work thanks for reading. your attention to detail is commendable
  12. screenersam

    Comic Book Project I'm working on

    Lady L is Taken Lady L was sort of a minor mask, but a mask she was. Her cafe ended up being frequented by society ladies (great salad bar!) and various mask groupies. Every hour or so she made the rounds and schmoozed a bit--when not 'on the job' (nudge wink). The first floor was mostly...
  13. screenersam

    Comic Book Project I'm working on

    another concept; the city has mandated electric toilets so no one uses sewers. there is an extensive network of sewer/storm drain stuff under the city. one of the characters (Black Swimmer) stumbles into them and starts using and mapping them for something to do.
  14. screenersam

    Comic Book Project I'm working on

    I'm working on a comic/graphic project tentatively entitled 'City of Masks' takes place in fictional Portage City Oregon the city has totally outlawed firearms, even police. I use this as a plot device cuz one must have incredible powers (or body armor) to be immune to bullets. I want to do...
  15. screenersam

    Music What are your preferred ways of discovering new music?

    I've found some promo samplers yard sailing also now and then I find something interesting at the library. free!
  16. screenersam

    Shocktober 2019 Watchlist

    Nickelodeon is doing a new 'Are You Afraid of the Dark', first episode this weekend I think. I tend to watch kids shows as I don't like a lot of gore, strong language, etc. I wish I had a channel showing some of those old Hammer films. I'm sure some are on the internets. 'Plague of Zombies'...
  17. screenersam

    Ender's Game

    former teacher myself I can tell you that if a kid grabbed a book and read and treasured it, I was okay with. for me it was Mad Scientists Club. I came very very close to stealing (borrowing and 'losing') from county library but didn't. years later found a copy in 2hand book store (and a...
  18. screenersam

    Hello to all

    glad to have you. Star Trek or Star Wars???
  19. screenersam

    What are you summer reading plans?

    I've been (re-)reading Cussler's Numa/Pitt/Fargo books just about finished with just checked out a detective book 'Mrs. Sherlock Holmes', not a SH work but a non-fiction about a lady detective in NYC back in the day...
  20. screenersam

    Favorite mad spoff a sci fi show or film

    haven't read Mad Magazine for a while (I think that's to what yr referring) their James Bond spoofs were classic good one on Star Trek too SNL did a ST one with Belushi as Kirk and Chevy Chase as Spock not bad
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