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  1. Verna

    Hello there...

    Welcome! There's a lot here, take your time and look around.
  2. Verna

    What are you watching right now?

    You lost me at Will Ferrell.
  3. Verna

    Hello to all

    Welcome Linacruise! Tell us a little about yourself.
  4. Verna

    Foodies The "Those of us trying to lose weight" thread.... ☺️

    Way to go Kevin! That is awesome! Losing weight is always difficult. Walking is great and the only thing that works for me and I hope you keep it up. Sometimes people don't realize that once it's off you have to keep doing what you did to get it off, to keep it off.
  5. Verna

    What are you watching right now?

    We've enjoyed watching Project Blue Book. The writing and settings are similar to X-Files. There was another Project Blue Book series back around 79-80 that was pretty good too.
  6. Verna

    Project Blue Book (2019 History Channel)

    We've enjoyed the series so far. The way the time period is portrayed is very good!
  7. Verna

    Foodies Instant Pot - Pressure cooker, crockpot, slow cooker, steam cooker...

    I love cooking a turkey breast in a crock pot. Always moist! I have 3 sizes and it's important to use the right size crock for the size breast you will cook.
  8. Verna

    Sci-Fi Blade Runner (1982) & Blade Runner: 2049 (2017)

    [QUOTE What about the ladies' opinion on this site? Would a male "Joi" be of interest or disgust for you all?} For me, neither interest or disgust. "It" would simply exist, like Alexa or Siri.
  9. Verna

    Foodies Instant Pot - Pressure cooker, crockpot, slow cooker, steam cooker...

    Our son has one and cooks just about everything in it. I'm undecided because we already have too many bots roaming about now. :LOL:
  10. Verna

    Sci-Fi Blade Runner (1982) & Blade Runner: 2049 (2017)

    I'm late to the party too. I saw the first edition in the original theater release before I knew who Ford was. FWIW and without a ton of text, as long as I consider each individually, I like both, but found the most recent version would be confusing for the younger crowd or people who only watch...
  11. Verna

    Whats up everyone?

    Welcome! Glad you found us!
  12. Verna

    Comment by 'Verna' in media 'Gabrielle Drake, Ufo....'

    She and the show were a heavy influence with Randy's, Rocket Babe series. Or can't you tell? ;)
  13. Verna

    Object at Rest Never Actually at Rest

    Timba, at rest. :)
  14. Verna

    Sci-Fi What Genre Is Frankenstein?

    While Frankenstein is a horror story, Mary Shelly is considered to be the mother of science fiction by literary experts. If you want to put it in the horror / sci-fi label that would be accurate, by it's definitely sci-fi too.
  15. Verna

    Rocket Babe Series Kindle Sale!

    Cyber Week Kindle Sale! From now through midnight Nov. 30th, in the U.S. & U.K. you can get all 4 Rocket Babe books from Amazon on Kindle for only $2.99 each! That's all 4 books for only $11.96 and you can have them in just a few minutes! If you don't have a Kindle you can still download...
  16. Verna

    What games are you currently playing?

    Original Zelda. :LOL:
  17. Verna

    Foodies Instant Pot - Pressure cooker, crockpot, slow cooker, steam cooker...

    Looks interesting! I haven't heard much about it.
  18. Verna

    Advertising at Alien Soup - October, 2018

    I was coming here well before we had a sci-fi series and I for one am glad you don't allow ads. I've been on many forums over the years and left almost as many, because the sites went almost totally commercial. One was so bad every post on every thread had some kind of ad on it. One page of...
  19. Verna

    Hello From SE WI!

    Always good to have new members! Welcome!
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