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  1. Travis

    Tribute to Newton Conneticut

    Hey guys just found this song really showed me that some people actually care. Purchase this song on iTunes! All proceeds go to the families effected by this tragedy! I dont know if this is your guys style of music but just listen to the lyrics guys. !
  2. Travis

    Webisode talk.

    Ok everyone lets discuss season 2's Walking dead Webisodes. Ill start by saying they provide a great background for characters you would never notice in the show. !!!!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!! In the first webisode you see a woman wake up in a wrecked car her kids seem to be gone and she has...
  3. Travis

    Travis here

    Whats up guys the name is Travis i love the walking dead an playing video games.
  4. Travis

    Webisode marathon!!

    Well we will start watching The Walking Dead from the beginning starting after Christmas. Until that though we have something special planned... well not really special, but we were thinking we could watch Season 2 and Season 3's webisodes since they're not long at all! Then when they are over...
  5. Travis

    Favorite NFL team?

    Well if anyone here watches NFL whats your favorite team? Mine is the San Fransisco 49ers they have been my favorite for about 2 years now.
  6. Travis

    Where did you find us?

    Well as the title says reply here with where you found us at or what member you heard about us from.
  7. Travis

    The Talking dead

    Does anyone actually watch this show after the walking dead comes on i do it seems to give me a better idea of what happens on the show.
  8. Travis

    Horror Worst Zombie movie you have ever seen?

    What is the worst zombie movie you have ever seen i would have to say the worst ive seen is Flight of the living dead it was so boring and unrealistic i cut it off halfway through.
  9. Travis

    Survival Instinct

    Are you guys ready for this i know i am.
  10. Travis

    The Walking Dead Social Game

    Has anyone played The Walking Dead Social game ive played it a little bit not really one for facebook games though.
  11. Travis

    What do you want for christmas?

    Well with Christmas coming up what do you guys want for Christmas? I mainly want an Xbox 360 some games and some new clothes since im outgrowing everything i own pretty much.
  12. Travis

    Best Walking Dead Quotes?

    Post here your favorite quotes from The Walking Dead "Ill bake them a cake with pink frosting" -Merle Dixon He said that when he had Glenn tied up
  13. Travis

    So Sunday

    So on Sunday at 9 when walking dead comes on what will you be doing since it doesn't come on again until February i will be advertising my forum.
  14. Travis

    Second half of season 3?

    What do you hope will happen in the second half of season 3 i hope for the sake of Ricks group that they let Daryl go and then Rick kills the governor.
  15. Travis

    Ways to kill a zombie

    How many ways do you guys think there is to kill a zombie i know in all the zombie movies you have to hit them in the head but i think if your burn a zombie or blow it up you pretty much render the zombie defenseless.
  16. Travis

    How was your day?

    Post here how your day is or was mine today has been good it went by pretty fast and i didn't do much in school.
  17. Travis

    Mid Season Finale

    I hope everyone is ready for the mid season finale i know i am reply here with your thoughts on what happens tonight.
  18. Travis

    Favorite Character

    Who is your favorite character on The Walking Dead mine is Daryl he is the coolest one to me just because how much of a bad ass he is.
  19. Travis

    Where would you go during an apocalypse?

    Well if Zombies ever do happen where will you me id look for a gas station or some place with a good stock of food and easy to defend.
  20. Travis

    Favorite Zombie movie?

    What is your favorite Zombie movie i know most of them are low budget and cheesy but i like George Romero's his are all very good.
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