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  1. Peggy_CinVin


    Hey has anyone heard anything from Kevin?? I haven't seen him on here in a little while. You're missed sweetie. P
  2. Peggy_CinVin

    OOOOH my golly geeze!

    y'all sure are quiet around here! P E R K U PPP!!
  3. Peggy_CinVin

    Goooooooooooood Morning!!!!

    How is everyone? WHERE is everyone??
  4. Peggy_CinVin

    Web Stuff Why Search Engines Are Important To You

    You've built your site. You've tested it. You're ready for business. So where are all the people? You need to get the word out about your great site, but with limited resources and no advertising budget, you need some way to attract visitors. What can you do? Recent surveys show that over...
  5. Peggy_CinVin

    vBulletin [How To] Where Do I Enable The Multi-Quote Feature?

    I'm SO glad you asked! ;) To enable the multi-quote feature: Log into your Admin Control Panel (ACP) Go To vBulletin Options On the right, click on Message Posting and Editing Options Scroll down to Multi-Quote Enabled, and select yes or no. You may also establish how many posts your...
  6. Peggy_CinVin

    vBulletin [How To] Set Signature Permissions

    Signatures in posts became alot more fun with the introduction of the 3.6.x version of vBulletin! Fortunately for administrators, setting signature permissions was made easy as well. Good thing too, because I have seen alot of member signatures get really out of hand! In just one easy...
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