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    The NordicMafia

    OK, this thread seems quite dead at the moment, we have to set it alive again, hehe!! :P Since this is the "Nordic maffia" I guess I'll have to join it. I'm from Stockholm, Sweden!!! wee :D Is someone else other than me PISSED OFF that there's no snow, even though it's December and CHRISTMAS...
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    Nadia's Father

    Thanks, then I got the pregnancy-thing cleared out ;) But who Nadias REAL father is remains a mystery.....
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    What's your favorite Irina quote?

    One favourite I have is in season 2, one of the last episodes (can't remember which of them..) It's when she says that she's "working for a Scandinavian company". The quote itself is not that funny, it's more like the way she's saying it. Cuz she speaks like a Swedish person who really sucks at...
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    to all you new joiners

    Just thought I'd drop by and say hi, since I'm new here! Yeah, Michael Vartan is quite good-looking, especially in the first two seasons (but David Anders is the hottest, though, he's more in my age :P) Think that Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan was such a better couple than Jennifer and Ben...
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    Hi everyone

    Hello on you too! :D I'm also new here, I'm Denice, 17 and from Sweden. *don't worry, I won't tell any spoilers from the 5th season ;)* I'm also a nerd when it comes to things like Alias, animated movies, drawing and music, LOL!! (and I have a couple of friends who are Buffy-freaks, so I'm...
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    Nadia's Father

    One thing confuses me, and that is that Nadia doesn't look like neither Sloane or Jack. It looks like she has some kind of Spanish or Latin American origin, which they don't (from what I've heard). I think it's somebody else. And besides, when did Irina get pregnant with Nadia, was it after...
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    My Art

    They're really cool! It's the same kind of light over the whole pictures, so it looks like an original photo. Good! *And I agree with you, Sarkluv, Sark is hot :P *
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