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    Season 5 Sloane's Cell

    I know this is not a very important point but having noticed it, I just had to share. Does anyone else think that Sloane's cell seems very comfortable, especially compared with the one he was in in Season 3? He seems to have a full size desk in there so it must be quite large if he also has...
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    Jigsaw Puzzle

    A/N: This is my first Alias fanfic. Faced with a summer without new episodes I thought I would try my hand at writing one myself. Any feedback will be gratefully received. If people like it, I will try to do further chapters. I’m British, so although I’ve tried to make this as authentic as...
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    TO ALL UK BASED ALIAS FANS. I couldn't see that anyone had posted on this already so I thought I would. If I've missed it, my apologies to the moderator. Season 4 of Alias starts at 9pm on Sunday 3 April. It will be shown on Bravo and their website says the first episode will be "feature...
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