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  1. Unbreakable

    Hey people

    Welcome. Nice to have you here.
  2. Unbreakable

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to the forums. Nice to have you here.
  3. Unbreakable

    What Movie(s) Did You Just Buy/Are You Going to Buy Next?

    Jackie Brown just arrived in the mail!
  4. Unbreakable

    House vs. Grey's

    I would have to say House. I've watched a few episodes of Grey's and didn't find it as interesting.
  5. Unbreakable

    Hey Guys

    Welcome to the community. Nice to have you here.
  6. Unbreakable

    Sports Any One Here Play Cricket?

    I don't. Never been a fan of it personally.
  7. Unbreakable

    Hey everyone :)

    Welcome to the forums also, Grill.
  8. Unbreakable

    Another Newb Here!

    Welcome to the community, nice to have you here.
  9. Unbreakable

    Why Hello There

    Welcome to the forums. Nice to have you here. :smile:
  10. Unbreakable

    Watching TV online

    I don't have enough internet usage for that, but i do have TV hooked up to an external screen so i watch tv all of the time while i am on the computer.
  11. Unbreakable

    What network do you like best?

    Ten. It has all of the best shows on IMO.
  12. Unbreakable

    What TV shows have you got on DVD?

    Let's do a updated list. Prison Break Series Little Britain USA Little Britain Series 1,2,3 Viva La Bam - Complete Series Pimp My Ride Season 1 Simpsons - Few Series Whale Wars - Season 1 & 2
  13. Unbreakable

    What are you watching right now?

  14. Unbreakable

    Politics Do you believe in god?

    I don't. No. :smile:
  15. Unbreakable


    This is one i really want to see and buy on Blu-Ray, but i will be getting the UK version for Attenborough, because i'd rather keep it my collection with him rather than Opera. Apart from that this series looks great, i just hope they don't re-use footage.
  16. Unbreakable

    Natures Great Events

    Another great nature show i have on Blu-Ray, it basically shows the main Great Events this planet has every year in quite some detail, it's really amazing.
  17. Unbreakable

    Favourite Documentary Shows?

    What are your favourite Documentary TV shows? I have quite a few, but my favourite would have to be Planet Earth.
  18. Unbreakable

    Blue Planet

    This is an older BBC nature documentary on our oceans. I've watched the first 5 episodes or so far. I am really enjoying it, it's not as good as Planet Earth and Life, but that's because it was made in 2001 and they didn't have the technology as they did now-days.
  19. Unbreakable

    Planet Earth

    Anyone watch this show? I have the whole series on Blu-Ray and i must say i love it. Such an amazing series, i recommend it to all.
  20. Unbreakable

    What movie made you shed the most tears?

    I would have to say Marley and Me, at the end that is. :sad:
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