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  1. Don

    Smoker Fired Up

    So, nice day so far today and I figured I would fire up the smoker. 11 LB Pork Shoulder will smoke all
  2. Don

    The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad Win Three People’s Choice Awards

    The fans have spoken: Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead won big at the 40th annual People’s Choice Awards held Wednesday night in Los Angeles. The Walking Dead nabbed the award for Favorite Cable TV Drama and Favorite TV Anti-Hero, while Breaking Bad was deemed the Favorite Series We Miss Most...
  3. Don

    Facebooks Graphic Videos

    OK, so I cancelled my facebook a couple of weeks ago but not for the reason of graphic videos but because it got old. But I was watching the news and different report about how facebook was allowing people to post graphic videos and other crazy thing and allowing young minors to view them. Well...
  4. Don

    Sneak Peek for next week

    Ok, Check this out.
  5. Don

    Using IE to view and Post to site..

    Ok, So I use IE and Chrome to view and Post to the site but for some reason the last could of days I can not Post using IE. Chrome is working fine. Wanted to bring that to you attention...
  6. Don

    Walking Dead Season 4 Tonight!

    Hell yeah, You know where I will be tonight. Right in front of my TV...
  7. Don

    Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead Season 4

    Cant wait for this season!
  8. Don

    Happy Father's Day

    To all the dads in Dead Land......
  9. Don

    Horror MAMA

    The wife and I finally watch the movie MAMA last night. Very good movie. She jumped about 5 times through the movie....
  10. Don

    Great JOB

    First let me say, I have had my own forum and build many other forums for customers of mine. Some did good ( 5000 members and more) and other did not and closed. So when I say your doing a Great Job here I know a little about what I am talking about. Suggestion: The site looks good but where...
  11. Don

    Video: Now this is a muct watch video,lol

    I laughed My butt off when I watched this,lol.
  12. Don

    Re watching every episode...

    I have every episode of the Walking Dead. I started re watching them from Episode one, lol. Good thing is , NO Commercials.
  13. Don

    Terror in Boston

    Just wanted to say our Hearts go out to the people of Boston. It was a sad day.
  14. Don

    Should Season 4 have more than 16 Episodes?

    What do you think? I think that I would like to see at least 20 episodes a season.
  15. Don

    Whats going to happen to the GOV?

    I wonder what will happen to the Gov and his henchmen. Will they be showing up in Season 4?
  16. Don

    The Dream?

    Ok, I haven't seen this come up So let me be the first to speculate. Remember episode 1, Rick gets shot and is in a Coma... So What if this entire Series is just a Comatose dream? Not saying that is what is happening but I am just Speculating,lol. What do you think?
  17. Don

    Almost BBQ time

    One of the greatest things about summer is the Smoker,lol. I love to BBQ. Do you love to BBQ?
  18. Don

    Walking Dead Fan

    Hi, I am a big Walking Dead fan. This site looks great. My name is Don and I am disabled so I have a lot of free time to visit the site. I am a father and grandfather. I used to have my own wrestling forum but sold it several years ago. I never miss The Walking Dead on sunday evenings.
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