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  1. Peggy_CinVin

    July 2007's vB Board of The Month

    and guess what?? My site won!!! by 1 vote! wheweee that was a close race. :) Thank you to everyone who voted for my site :D
  2. Peggy_CinVin

    July 2007's vB Board of The Month

    Thanks sweetie... but it appears that I'm getting smooshed :(
  3. Peggy_CinVin

    vBulletin CinVin vBulletin Forum Feed Listing

    Kev, is the latest version of this available yet? I know a few days ago, some of us were crying for it on .org lol
  4. Peggy_CinVin

    Ever wonder what Jelsoft staff thinks of the hacks at

    I read that too - pretty nasty attitude
  5. Peggy_CinVin


    Hello M.Braam, welcome to vBUsers! I made the jump from phpBB to vB about 2 years ago, and I've never looked back. This skin isn't downloadable, unfortunately, as it is the signature skin for this site. Good luck with your vB!
  6. Peggy_CinVin

    Suspicious Package outside my office window @ MSG

    Eventful is an understatement! lol - I'm sure glad everything turned out ok...
  7. Peggy_CinVin


    Hello matter, welcome to vBUsers
  8. Peggy_CinVin

    About Myself!!!!!!

    Hello thom, welcome to vBUsers!
  9. Peggy_CinVin

    Hello there...

    Hi there, welcome to vBUsers!
  10. Peggy_CinVin

    Web Stuff Why Search Engines Are Important To You

    Yep yep I've got the generator on both of my sites and it DOES work!! Every single day, if even one new post has been made on my site, the SEO generator submits the new sitemap to both yahoo and google. I've seen a marked increase in both spiders and visitors to my sites, especially to Top vB.
  11. Peggy_CinVin


    Hello Oracle, welcome to vBU!
  12. Peggy_CinVin

    Hello all.. :)

    Danny! Tell me darlin' - is there a forum that you don't belong to???
  13. Peggy_CinVin


    uh huh, you're right about that.
  14. Peggy_CinVin


    Hey babe - you were MISSED!!! SO glad to have you back around.
  15. Peggy_CinVin


    Hey has anyone heard anything from Kevin?? I haven't seen him on here in a little while. You're missed sweetie. P
  16. Peggy_CinVin

    Adobe Flex?

    I've not even heard of it til now.
  17. Peggy_CinVin

    Down & Out...

    Inquiring minds want to know........ we're a sick bunch ain't we? :bunny:
  18. Peggy_CinVin

    Down & Out...

    Of course I care sweetheart. You poor baby - god just reading that almost makes me hurt for you. I hope you get better soon. I'll be saying a prayer over here. :)
  19. Peggy_CinVin

    So what are you working on?

    trying to get myself back together...
  20. Peggy_CinVin

    Apple's "Vista" PC vs. Mac commercial

    Now that's funny!
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