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    God Damnit Moriel stop acting like you're 5 years old and accept the fact that your banned. AllAlias is a mother f***ing website. Move on with your life and do something useful you peice of s***.
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    Reception Pavillion

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    If you could meet ten people....

    Ok I am REEEEAAALLY bored with all the topics tonight so I was racking my brain trying to come up with something fun to talk about...and eesh...this was all I could think of :lol: Anyways...If you could meet ten people from AA who would you meet and why? I guess I'll go first... Jo - Because...
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    Random 153

    Ok... Old Thread :huh: clumsiness will bring about a change in pants... Continue...
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    Hmmm...I'm not so sure that JJ had it planned out the whole time that Freplica was going to be Allison Doren... I think he was going to have it be Noah... -Freplica kept watching Vaughn and Sydney have sex :lol: The perv... -Freplica watches Sydney get undressed with a little too much interest...
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    Random 143

    Old Thread G'night everyone!! :wave:
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    Homework help

    Ok take the equation y=lxl =5 Make it into to equations like this... y=x+5 y=-x+5 then graph them and where they intersect is the vertex...
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    Random 141

    Continue Please! Old Thread Meh little brother just gave me like 30 bottle caps :blink: He's an odd kid...:geek:
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    The official tally of Lauren hissy fits...

    Okay Episode 1: none right? I don't think she was in it... Episode 2: none...shes only in this ep at the end Episode 3: -Sydney and Laurens fight in the debriefing room (CLEARLY Lauren's fault for being a stuffy know-it-all :angry: ;)) -"Vaughn I hate her! She's Horrible!" Episode 4...
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    Ok So Siri...I say we go through this question by question on the ones we dont understand...sound good?
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    Water Sports

    I live on the lake so of course I love water sports! Wakeboarding's my can always do new've never learned them never gets boring...that's why I love it Water skiing is cool too...I started getting into slalom with a course this's hard...but always...
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    Harry Potter Actors

    I love everything to do with Harry Potter! Who's your favorite actor in Harry about upcoming movies some of the actors will be in...or previous ones...anything to do with the actors in Harry Potter...I LOVE THEM!! Each and every one!!! *muah*!! *sighs* (I didn't want to make a...
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    Richard Simmons

    Ok ya I know I'm a dork...but I LOVE RICHARD SIMMONS!! I think he's so funny! I love his videos! I have almost all of em! lol My favorites are of course the classic...Sweatin to the Oldies 1&2. Come gush about RS with me hehe!! He's such a stud!
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    I'm not sure if this belongs here I play the piano (10 years), violin(6 years), harmonica(2 years), and I TRY to play the guitar(6 months) but I'm afraid I'm still learning... I used to play the flute for about 3 years but I gave it up...I don't like instruments that you have to...
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    I've never played it in a formal setting or anything...but I love to play it in the backyard or in PE. It's so much fun! Splits_chica47 and I won the 8th grade PE badmitton felt honored...they didn't give us a trophy though :o I wanted one hehe. Anyways...anyone who...
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    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    Restarting the thread...Howdy Mormons! :)
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    Loser Clique

    that we're losers!! We do loser stuff haha!!! *stamps forehead* IM A LOSER LOL!! and proud of it!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!
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    The Nancy Drew Series

    Best Books ever...hands DOWN!
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    Nancy Drew or Gaia

    OK! nance and I have been arguing about this forever!! First let me state my case...Nancy Drew was the first fictitious female heroine! Without her there probably wouldn't even BE a Gaia! Carolyn Keene took a big chance in writing the Nancy drew series...and SHE DID IT! The books are a hug...
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    Made-up words

    Do you guys have words or phrases that aren't words or dont make sense but you love to say them anyways!....I add the suffix "age" to words all the when I'm watching a basketball game..."DEFINATE FOULAGE!!"..."STUPID REFA.GE!!" "WATCH THE GAMAGE!!" i do that all the time...umm...
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