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    Cast the alias movie

    My movie summary: It would be a parallel movie with one part being about irina's life to when she meets up with syd in Hong Kong(when she shoots her in the shoulder) and the second part would be about syd stopping sloane from taking over the world again, since he wasn't killed. Young irina...
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    Alias movie teaser trailer

    Heres a fake trailer I made:
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    Alias books

    I just bought one at target for $1.50, its the one titled,"Vigilance," with marshall on the cover with syd.
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    I have an Irina Channel on youtube

    I've put up a couple of episodes and made a couple of music videos. You should check it out if you have time. The website is under my signature.
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    What's your favorite Irina and Spyfam moment?

    Mine is when she jumped off the building in the Telling and scared the felgercarb outta syd. My fave spyfam moment is when they were on the train talking about the broken
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    Who had the best theme music?

    Irina to me had the best music. Theres the original version and then the really slow evil version I love both. Both were perfect for irina. My second choice would be sarks music.
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    Who's the baddest out of the Baddies?

    I'm definantly going with Irina. The fact that she's so disarming makes her number 1 to me. With the other baddies, you get a bad vibe from them, but with Irina she can appear very friendly and nice but she will kill your ass in a nanosecond. She scared the hell out of me when she was talking to...
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    Worst alias Guest Star

    I definantly think it was Quentin, he was a horrible bad guy, he couldn't even scare my little sister. :lol:
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