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  1. SecretAgentMan


    No glasses or contacts. Brown eyes.
  2. SecretAgentMan

    Random #285

    Been a while since I've posted. :)
  3. SecretAgentMan

    College Football 2005-2006

    Hook 'em Horns!!! Texas ranked #2 and ready to run the table! If they hit #1 I just might jump off the UT Tower. lol
  4. SecretAgentMan

    Politics Hurricane Katrina

    We learn and adapt.
  5. SecretAgentMan

    Politics Bush

    What's the lastest on his approval ratings? Didn't they drop down to around 30%?
  6. SecretAgentMan

    What are you wearing? 2

    white tshirt and boxers
  7. SecretAgentMan

    Politics Hurricane Rita

    Now I've heard it all. I live in central Texas and we were spared from anything. But people were definitely in panic mode. Grocery stores were packed. Some wholesale (Sams Club and Costco) stores had lines all the way outside. Sugar and water were important items and were selling out at many...
  8. SecretAgentMan

    Weather 2

    another 100 degree day. I'm giving free sun tans in my backyard!
  9. SecretAgentMan

    Sleep 2

    6.5 hours
  10. SecretAgentMan

    What's On Your Plate 2

    breakfast: one chocolate chip cookie and french vanilla coffee lunch: turkey sandwich and nachos might grab some cookies and milk in a minute
  11. SecretAgentMan

    The Official Birthday Thread

    Its been so long since I've updated this. Should I start with a new thread?
  12. SecretAgentMan

    Rent or Buy

    I buy and I borrow from work. I don't buy much anymore since I can borrow from a selection of thousands at work.
  13. SecretAgentMan

    What movie did you just watch?

    A Fistful of Dollars For a Few Dollars More Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Clint Eastwood week. :)
  14. SecretAgentMan

    MLB 2005 Season

    Stros are two games ahead of Philly in the Wild Card. 7 games to go!
  15. SecretAgentMan

    NFL 2005-2006 Season

    if Cowboys lose tomorrow....I think I need a new team. :(
  16. SecretAgentMan

    What time is for you people? 2

    11:45 pm
  17. SecretAgentMan

    Blondie cant make up her mind

  18. SecretAgentMan

    Bothering You?

    umm...I have 4 exams next week.
  19. SecretAgentMan

    Random #281

    I'm old enough to remember when these Random threads had life in them.
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