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    Collectibles Nostromo Crew Hat.

    The only scifi item I have ever bought is a crew baseball cap from the ship 'Nostromo' from the movie 'Alien'. I bought it when the film came out so I've had it for about 32 years. And I could go and put my hand on it right now, I know exactly where it is. How sad is that?
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    Hello All.

    Hello all, I have had an interest in UFOs, conspiracy theories and science fiction for a very long time. I usually go and see any science fiction film that comes out even if I expect it to be rubbish, hoping of course that it isn't. I was right about District 9 though, I thought the only good...
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    Apollo 18

    I'm not surprised this went straight to DVD. It should have gone straight in the bin! Don't waste your money.
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    New Sci-Fi Author

    Hello, I have just written my first Sci-Fi novel. Some of the advice I've seen on the net is post some information about the book on sites like this one, so here goes... I have had an interest in UFO's and the possibilty of alien visitation for some time. I've read quite a lot about it and...
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